Woman Is Looking On Google Street View, Spots Her Mom Who Has Been Dead For Over A Year

Updated November 13, 2017

It’s amazing what you can find on Google Street View.

In this case, a woman spotted her mother on a street view, 18 months after she died. The woman, Denise Underhill, moved to Florida from Tamworth, Staffordshire, but felt the need to check the Google map of her old home in England. She was surprised, when she looked at the street view, to find her mother in the image outside the home, watering her garden.

Underhill told the Tamworth Herald: “As I went about my housework, I somehow instantaneously had the impulse to call my mother but realizing that it was completely out of the question.”

She continued: “I decided to Google Earth my mother’s home to see how it looked, considering since she had passed away in 2015 and the property had been sold.”

The Street View image, she explained, included her mother at the end of the driveway, as she further noted: “She was watering the garden, just as she always did. I think someone wanted me to see this.”

Those weighing in with comments on the Daily Telegraph’s Facebook post about the Google Street View image stepped in to explain why her mother was part of the image, with one person commenting: “Obviously Google hadn’t updated street view in a while.”

One person noted a similar experience, explaining: “No. It happened to us as well. Actually, we loved it. Found my grandfather on google earth bringing in his bins. He was 94, and told us the neighbors used to do it. It was very ‘him’. We, of course, understood the picture was old as he had passed away.”

Another commenter also shared their experience, writing: “Google Earth first came out not long after my father’s passing and you can just imagine our surprise when we discovered that by chance he was out the front when it was recorded… It gave us a sense of comfort at the time.”

Another person added this comment about how often Google does these updates, noting: “Google updates their street view every 5 years. I’ve been lucky to be spotted by the car twice! Next time I’ll be preparing my phone when the Google Maps car goes past so it looks like I’m taking a photo of it.”

Aside from the commentary about Google updating images, some commenters found the sighting to be a beautiful thing, with one person noting: “I would have thought that it was nice to see her. A nice memory.”

Another person echoed the idea, writing: “If you check your house out on Google earth you’ll see that a lot of pics are old, they still have pics up of houses next to me that have been gone for awhile. Be happy that she was captured in Google earth pics so you can see her.”

One commenter has spotted her mother on the Street View as well, with this fun twist: “My (still very much alive) mother is also on Google Earth, the pic clearly shows her checking out the Google car. Hilarious to me as I know what she’s like.”