If It Wasn’t For This Video As Proof No One Would Have Believed What She Did To Lifeless Lizard

Updated August 9, 2017

Here’s someone who went above and beyond to save a life…a tiny animal life, no less!

A woman miraculously was able to save a lizard who was drowning in her pool, even though signs pointed to the creature being dead. Her efforts to continue to help him are truly inspiring.

According to InsideEdition.com, Amy Hook’s 6-year-old son told her there was a lizard in the pool. She went to check out the situation and found the lizard drinking the pool water, so she left him alone. Her son returned to tell her the creature was swimming in the pool, which they got video footage of, but the next time her son returned to tell her that the lizard was now at the bottom of the pool.

Amy decided to investigate and found the lizard, as her son had explained, at the bottom of the pool, noting, “There’s little bubbles coming up. I jumped in, in my clothes and said, ‘I gotta save this lizard.’”

She got the lizard out of the pool and set him on the concrete and began CPR, explaining that her husband helped by checking Google to locate the animal’s heart.

Amy further explained, “My instinct kicked in and you have to what you have to do.” That included pushing the lizard’s chest and blowing air into its mouth, as she encouraged, “C’mon, little guy.”

Her husband suggested she turn him over, which she did, while her son was heard saying, “Okay, my mom is trying to save a real life lizard.”

Early in the video, Amy is heard saying, “Ugh, I think he’s dead,” followed by an explanation title that “CPR Continues.”

Her husband then told her to “try a little lower” on the animal’s chest. After a minute, the lizard started coming to, with her husband saying, “He’s trying.”

During the video, her husband advised her to work her way farther down the lizard’s abdomen. The video title “15 seconds later” showed the lizard now belly down and breathing, while “60 seconds later” showed him back on his feet and in good form again. Her husband said, “We’ll just leave him in the sun for a little bit.”

Recovering from his near-death experience, the lizard stayed there for about a half an hour and only left when Amy tried to pet it.

She further noted that her son and his friend were glad to see the lizard brought to life, explaining, “It was cool for them to see it, that we were trying to save a little creature.” She added, “It makes you feel good even if it’s a little lizard.”

Those commenting on the YouTube video were impressed by the animal CPR, with notes such as “You did a very good job,” “Wow! Good job,” “How adorable,” and “Awesome job.”

Another person wondered: “The lizard could have been in a deep sleep. That’s all. They drop their heart rate to next to nothing.”

Still another commenter joked: “Leave me alone human! I’m just pretending to be dead!”