Woman Shares Before And After Photos of Worst Airplane Passenger Ever

Updated July 28, 2017

It’s often a crap shoot what type of person will be seated next to you on a plane.

Sometimes, it works out fine, other times, you’re seated next to a super chatty person, and still other times there may be some…well…hygiene issues involved.

This awful person totally takes the cake for the worst airplane passenger ever.

When Jessie Char boarded her flight from Long Beach, CA to San Francisco, she was initially happy to have the whole row to herself. Turns out that happiness quickly faded when someone used the free seats as a foot rest.


Jessie told TODAY on Twitter: “I was flying home to San Francisco and was so excited when I realized I had the whole row to myself. I even left the armrests up so I could bask in my luxurious airplane bench.”

But then, this happened: “A few minutes in, I heard one of the armrests fall down,” she explained, noting, “I looked over, figuring the hinge was loose. At that moment I noticed a foot emerge, followed by another foot on the other side. The toes were in full wiggle.”

The mystery feet also opened and closed the shade on Jessie’s window.

Of the whole incident, Jessie said, “It was some combination of disgust and amazement.”

Jessie chronicled the scene on Twitter, first posting a pic of the empty seats with the caption, “My two favorite people to sit with on a plane.”

Later, however, she tweeted, “Today, I flew on the set of a nightmare.”

She posted a pic of the bare feet perched on her empty row’s armrests, following it with a tweet that read: “You guys will never guess what happened after that.”

Jessie tweeted: “The left foot reached over and opened a window.”

Those weighing in on the story on BoredPanda included comments about similar experiences, with one person writing: “Someone did a similar thing to me in the Cinema once so I used the straw from my drink and subtly began breathing a jet of cold air onto their feet…they soon moved!”

Another offered this helpful idea: “Put the phone down and take some action. Ask the stewardess to address it, or keep blowing on his feet Lol. No way you have to just sit there and stew the whole way home.”

Still another person noted that the crew should have remedied the situation: “Flight crew should have seen this and made her move her feet. If not, go and say something and have them come and tell her too. Why wouldn’t you just do that? I would have if they were bothering me so much that I posted it online. Many people have no manners, feet up, hair everywhere, coughing and sneezing without covering, you’re bound to see it on planes and buses so unless you want to put up I would report it to someone who can do something about it or ask the person directly.”

Jessie herself later admitted that the photo and her story going viral was pretty nuts, tweeting: “Just so everyone knows: I know how dumb it is that I’m getting so much attention for a picture of feet.”