Woman Stops To Snap Photo Of A Moose, Realizes Something Is Horribly Wrong; Takes Action

Updated September 25, 2017

When she saw a moose and its baby in the field, Jodean Howie stopped to pull over to the side of the road to snap a photo. It was a very photogenic moment. And she deemed it worthy of delaying her commute to work. But soon enough, Jodean realized that she might be late for work in Rocanville, Saskatoon, Canada. While she had stopped to snap a picture of the moose and its calf, she soon realized that she was in the right place at the right time to make a difference and save the animal. When she had stopped to photograph the moment, she unrolled her window – and at that time, she heard a cry of pain coming from the side. Another moose calf had gotten trapped in the barbed wire fence and needed Jodean to help get it out.

Jodean could not see the trapped moose calf. But she could see its leg sticking up into the air stuck to the fence.

“Her left leg was tightly wound between two twists. It looked like she might have tried to jump through the fence and then slipped through it so it twisted it,” Howie said on CBC Radio’s The Morning Edition.

Determined to do what she could, Jodean left her car and approached the fence. But because she knew that mama moose are very dangerous, she was very careful not to startle any of the animals.

It took a few moments, but she eventually realized that the calf’s mother was not looking to charge. She probably knew that Jodean was there to help and was willing to give the human the opportunity to reach out and save the day. And only then, when she felt safe, Jodean started to untangle the baby moose’s foot from the barbed wire fence. She did that by undoing the gate itself.

She took photos as she worked, but couldn’t capture everything because she was rescuing an animal in the moment.

“I quickly undid the gate and laid the gate down, which gave some slack to the wire, and opened up the wire and pulled out her leg,” said Jodean.

When she got the gate undone, the wire quickly came off the moose calf’s leg. And at that, the baby was free to join back up with its sibling and its mother.

“She bounced right up,” and ran back to her family, she said.

Although Jodean was late for work, when she told them why, they couldn’t believe it. They began following her animal rescue on Facebook and cheered her when she came in to work later that morning. It didn’t matter that she had missed an meeting, she had rescued a baby moose calf!

“They’re just like, ‘Oh my God, you’re a hero, you’re a moose whisperer,'” she said. “It’s all been good.”

If Jodean hadn’t had the courage to approach the trapped calf, the poor animal could have died there stuck on the fence. Because of her bravery, the calf lives and the mother didn’t have to experience a tragedy.