Woman Was Harassed And Taunted At Wedding Because Of The Dress She Wore (video)

Updated July 27, 2017

When Liz Krueger was invited to a friend’s wedding last summer, she was eager to show up in style. Besides looking for a dress that was pretty and highlighted summer colors, she wanted to show off her body as well. Because she is a fitness and nutrition coach, her body is her passion and she works hard to maintain a high level of physical fitness. But when she wore a mini-dress to the wedding and shared images of it on social media, she was bullied relentlessly. Now she’s fighting back.

When 31-year-old Krueger shared an image of herself in the short, tight-fighting dress and heels, she added that for no apparent reason, people at the wedding were focusing on her rather than the bride. The fitness guru from Minneapolis wanted to vent her frustration at the bullies at the wedding and shared the selfie on Instagram where she ha a lot of followers.

“If only I knew that choosing this dress for a wedding on a 90 degree day meant so many women would be outrightly rude to me, and even come up behind me slap my *ss as I’m standing alone,” she wrote. “As quote, ‘It was a dare from her friends, bc I was a target.’ And then proceeded to spill a full beer spilt down my arm. Just one of maaaaany acts of kindness of the night!”

Krueger was shocked that the wedding guests began bullying her because she wore a sexy dress to the event. But she was not done exposing the horrible treatment she received at the wedding.

“Yup. That happened. Good thing for thick skin, being able to laugh at things and not take it personally, and good friends/hubby by my side. #adultsarebullystoo Regardless, we had one heck of s fun night and no “grown” women’s comments/glares could bring me down as a wedding guest.”

After her post went viral, Krueger was contacted for an interview with PEOPLE. She obliged.

“I’m one of those people that’s pretty strong. I’m someone when I don’t feel comfortable I can usually stick it out but it was to the point where I was like I don’t want to be here anymore,” she says. “Especially after the incident happened, I was just ready to go.”

Although she was surrounded by bullies at the wedding, the fitness guru refused to be dragged through the mud. She shared the following to her Facebook page:

“Let this be a lesson to everyone. Your actions have consequences. People deserve respect, no matter what they are wearing. When these things happen to you, you have the RIGHT to talk about them, even when the person in the wrong ‘tells you your ‘story’ is BS.’ Stand up for yourself. Don’t be a quiet lamb. Be confident. Be strong. At the end of the day, know who you are, so when someone (or thousands of people) try to tell you different…you know you’re right and they are wrong.”

She wants to inspire other people to fight back against this kind of bullying.

“Through my fitness, I’ve always been about empowering women and having them embracing each other and their bodies,” she says. “When this happened, I felt like I needed to do something more for myself and for other people.”

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