Worker Screams For Everyone To Stop Digging Once He Spots It, Would You Have Seen It Too?

Updated September 5, 2017

When most people see an animal in distress, they try to help out. I remember last summer while walking through the park with my father, we saw a small bird tangled up fishing line that someone had failed to bring home with them. The bird was struggling and would have likely died if we didn’t do something. We could have walked away. But not only would we have felt guilty, we would have left the bird to the prowling predators. That’s when my father and I started to untangle the line. After a minute, we got the bird loose and then watched it fly away. It was a very satisfying moment. That’s how this construction worker must have felt when he saw a deer drowning in a mud hole. The poor animal needed help. Fortunately, he had an excavator at his disposal and was able to scoop the stranded deer up and out of harm’s way. Check out the viral clip below!

Bill Davis is the man behind the video. He uploaded the clip to YouTube where it quickly went viral and got more than two million views.

When you press play below, you’ll see the two fawns stuck in the mud. Their legs have sunk down into the goop and they have no hope of getting out. That’s when Bill Davis and his team used the construction tools at their disposal to rescue the poor animals. And the video will make you proud.

As a description, Davis wrote, “Found two baby black tail deer stuck in some deep mud! Couldn’t stand seeing them struggling.”

Although most people see Davis and his team as heroes, some haters spoke up with negative comments. Davis shot back with the following in the comment section:

“For all you negative people out there… Just imagine to yourself, all the things I would like to say to you! Multiply that by 100, and you might get the way I feel about you! The ones that sit on your butt, and let life pass you by! Not doing anything to leave an impression in this world, but to be a whiny negative piece of! Fill in the blanks!!”

While some people had negative things to say, the majority applauded Bill and his comrades for rescuing the deer. Here were some popular comments:

“good work boys. Glad to see someone cares.”

“You are the man Bill! I really enjoyed watching this first thing this morning.  It has been a great way to start the day.  Thanks for sharing with all of us.”

“it looked like the deer understood you guys where helping it did not look that scared.”

“Great work. Incredible skills with excavator as well. So gentle and slow. I’m happy y’all saved them. Excellent team work.”

“You guys are the best…. Handled that little dear like it was Family!  Smooth operation of the machine bucket! Wow!  As big and scary as that bucket was coming to the dear you can see the dear was not afraid because you guys handle her so well…”

What does this animal rescue video make you feel?

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