“Worst They Ever Saw”, Even Police Could Not Prepare For What They’d Find At Crime Scene

Updated October 4, 2016

A sixteen year old Nebraska girl is being accused of killing her newborn baby after allegedly throwing it out a window.

She had been trying to get help via Facebook when authorities arrived on the scene.

Sixteen year old Antonia Lopez of Omaha is being charged as an adult in the case. Authorities are alleging that after concealing her pregnancy from her family, she went into labor friday, and gave birth in her bedroom. They go on to state that afterwards, Lopez threw the baby out the window of her family’s second story apartment

After telling her mother what she had done, the mother ran downstairs to the grassy area to render CPR and called 911. Meanwhile, Lopez retreated to Facebook to post “’Who can do me a huge favor and has a car?” followed by three crying emojis.

A post dating from January shows Lopez posing with a baby doll for a school parenting assignment that reads “This thing so annoying.”

The family posted to this week that they are making funeral arrangements for the infant.

Meanwhile social media has been on fire with lopez’s classmates and friends saying things like:

“Something had to have been going on for her to freak out and do this because I’m telling you, she is nothing like this. I talked to her everyday, like seriously. And she might’ve said that baby doll project was annoying but that doesn’t mean she thinks all babies are annoying, so many people in my class said that when they had that project. She was never really one to talk about her home life so I believe something could’ve been going on where she wasn’t comfortable… You never know.”

“We need to bring back Sex Education to schools. I pray she gets mental health evaluation and counseling. I cannot imagine how anyone could harm a baby, even if she was scared.”-blondiehorse

“This is the face of abstinence only and so called “pro-life”. She was scared and didn’t know what to do. She was misinformed and shamed.”-Anon.

“Why has she been named?? Shameful, who knows what state her mental health was in after carrying a baby in secret. We can all stand in judgement can’t we?”- MsScarlet

Lopez was taken to the hospital on Friday, then charged. She is now facing one count of child abuse resulting in death, a felony.

Douglas County attorney, Don Kleine spoke with news outlets regarding the charges she faces saying “The child wasn’t a stillborn. To be booked on that count, the child would have had to have been born alive.”

The baby had been born prematurely, but as of yet, authorities have not yet determined how far along she was with her pregnancy. Autopsy results are expected in a few days and will also specify the exact cause of death.

Speaking with local news outlets, Lopez’s grandfather says he had no idea his granddaughter was pregnant. “She looked like she was well underweight more than anything else, I would’ve never dreamed that she was pregnant. In my head, I just can’t believe it, I can’t believe it.”

As of yet, It is unclear whether any `other members of Lopez’s family were aware of her pregnancy.

So what do you think? Is she a troubled girl who needs help, or a cold blooded murderer? Please share your thoughts with us here.