You Only Have To Watch What Hikers Filmed For A Second To See Why It’s Already Been Seen By Millions

Updated July 11, 2017

It seems impossible for anyone to get bored in this world when there are so many miracles and bizarre phenomena. With the constant technological developments, it is even easier to experience such miracles as people are able to capture these things on camera with a moment’s notice and they are able to share them with the everyone, opening up a whole world of opinions and giving several people a chance to be floored by the moment. Prior to technology, these moments wouldn’t have been able to be shared and fewer answers and knowledge could be spread amongst the population.

When Brian Nuttal was taking a peaceful stroll through a Nova Scotia forest, he came across never-before-seen phenomena and he managed to capture the moment and share it with the world, leaving viewers just as stunned as he was.

Nuttal noticed a patch of ground covering moving as if something was about to emerge from beneath the natural ground and he quickly started filming. Trees, grass and the wooded area literally lifted from the ground’s surface.

“As I entered a patch of trees spared from clear cutting, I noticed the ground moving,” said Nuttal.

While Nuttal was floored by the moving ground, he soon learned that there was a scientific reasoning on the moving ground and it was less exciting than the underground breathing giant that he had originally thought it was. The movement of the ground is caused by strong winds that cause the root systems to loosen and shift. So, while there is an explanation for the mysterious movement, the video footage is quite mesmerizing and has stumped viewers all over the world.

You can witness the ground movement in the video below. Nuttal managed to capture two sections of the ground moving and it truly looks like there is a giant breathing beneath the surface of the earth.

Commenters shared their opinions on the footage…

“This is insane… Do you know why the ground in moving like that? Due to the high winds?”

Some knew exactly what was going on in the video…

“This is a video of tree roots doing their job. The ground is soft, the wind is blowing the tree tops, which is tugging at the roots as they hold the trees upright. Cool video.”

“High winds with large trees on a wetland. Solved.”

The video can easily be used for a horror movie or a film that showcases nature’s many miracles.

And some thought the video was equivalent to a drug experience…

“This is just a trip on mushrooms.”

And others thought it was really something below the ground…

“Thats what I thought at first. But if a hurricane struck, the worst it could do is break a few trees, maybe even blow em away. It would rarely move the ground, let alone force it up and down like in this video. It’d have to be something beneath the ground to cause this.”

Regardless of the reasoning for the magnificent movement, the video really captures the power of nature and gives viewers a chance to see something that is rarely seen. There are so many people who would go through their whole lives without being able to witness something so amazing. Thankfully Nuttal was fast enough to pull out his camera and film the moment.