Young Girls Start Dancing To Popular Song, But Wait Until You See The Horse Join In

Updated September 7, 2017

Do a quick search on the internet and you will find tons of videos of young girls dancing. And why not? Even though we’re in the 21st century, many young girls still dream of being a famous dancer. And now that the internet is available to them, they can film themselves busting their moves to the popular songs on the radio and upload them to the internet with the hopes of being discovered. While it can happen, becoming famous for dance is still not a cakewalk. But these young girls found the perfect way to get famous for dancing – and the secret was just to use their horse. Check out the video below. Just make sure to keep your eyes glued to the horse because he steals the show.

If this video proves anything it is that animals love music too. And because Melanie Kessler captured the adorable moment on video, now there is proof that their horse loves music.

In the clip, Kessler’s two young daughters are dancing to Silento’s hit dance song, “Watch Me” which you may know as the Whip/Nae Nae. But these girls decided to hit the dance floor next to their horse at the San Antonio Rose Palace located in Leon Springs.

While the girls nail the popular dance moves, the horse is what everyone is talking about. Watch the animal try to mimic the girls and dance to the music.

Kessler uploaded the video and shared the following on Facebook:

“Actually the horse doesn’t do it all day and night long, only when that song plays and the girls dance w Her,” Kessler wrote on Facebook. “I”ve never see a horse do it and I for sure don’t know how to dance. The girls got her to do it and no she is not scared of kids because my daughter in the pink jumped up on her and rode her off right after the video.”

Their horse isn’t the only one who loves music. They all do!

“Playing music helps balance equine behavior because it helps mask outside sounds and vibrations, such as tractor engines, high-pitched tools, thunder, and other intense sounds,” Equine Wellness Magazine reports. “I’ve discovered that horses respond best to music with short melodies and strong rhythmic patterns. If you’re looking for a style that fits this criteria, classical or country played at a low volume will have a positive effect and help calm horses while they’re resting, eating and being groomed in the barn. It’s not so much the style of music, but its frequency and volume that are most important.”

Millions have watched this clip. Here were some comments:

“wow !!!!! what a beautiful horse she or he is very cute and can dance well for a horse!!!”

One person thought the horse was not having fun.

“This is a very stressed horse. It looks like he is tied up in that spot regularly (flattened ground under hooves) and he ‘weaves’ which is a stress condition neglected horses can develop when left tethered or boxed for prolonged periods. [It is] very very sad that this is being labeled as funny and entertaining. It’s cruelty.”

Check out the viral clip below. It is hot right now!

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