Young Officer Has No Idea Ordinary Stop Is About To Change His Life Forever [video]


There are many reasons why police officers are thought of as heroes. They put their lives at risk every day as they are at the forefront of criminal activity and the ones who are tasked with investigating and assessing crime scenes which can be dangerous even after the crime has taken place.

And then there is the fact that they have no idea what they are getting into when they are simply doing their job and pulling someone over. It is like walking into the unknown when they approach a vehicle that they pulled over for a traffic violation.

When a police officer, Nicholas Mitchell pulled over a Ford SUV for running a red light, he thought he was dealing with another impatient person in a rush, but when he looked into the back seat of the car, he soon realized why the driver was breaking the law. When he approached the car, he immediately looked in the back seat, where he noticed that the driver’s child was in distress. Instead of launching into a tirade about the danger of breaking traffic laws, Mitchell asked the woman if her child was okay.

It turns out that the young boy was having an asthma attack and she was rushing him to the nearest medical facility, which explains why she ran the red light. After she explained the situation to Mitchell, he took control of the situation and drove the child to the hospital himself, surpassing any time-consuming lights and traffic along the way and speeding up the boy’s chances of a quicker recovery.

“He didn’t ask me for my driver’s license or registration right away, he just looked at my son and asked if he was okay,” said driver Rhonda McArthur, who considers the fact that she was pulled over as a blessing.

From the moment she had started to rush her son to the hospital, she had witnessed several obstacles. Not only was she pulled over, but her gas needle was on empty. “She was almost out of gas, she only had about ten miles left in her tank so she might not have even made it,” said Mitchell, who is being deemed as a hero. Another obstacle came about when Mitchell called the ambulance, and there were none available. He then took it upon himself to save the boy. He placed the boy in his car where a firefighter was giving him oxygen on the way to the hospital.

“I want to say thank you,” said McArthur, who believes that the whole situation was not an accident. “Thank you for being empathetic and thank you for being there when I didn’t think I needed anybody, but I did.”

McArthur is thanking the experience for renewing her faith in God.

Commenters were appreciative of Mitchell’s heroic act…

“Thank God for good law enforcement like this!”

“Now, this is really what a true police officer supposed to do … show compassion, assess the situation with common sense and handle it accordingly. More powers to cops like him! Came here from another vid where a dickhead cop pulled over an NFL player rushing to see his dying MIL in the hospital and kept him detained while writing the ticket and the MIL passed away. Similar situations handled so differently.”


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