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100-Year-Old Time Capsule Finally Dug Up And Opened, Treasure Trove Found Inside

A time capsule from 1908 was opened in a Missouri town, where residents gathered to uncover the contents.What clues of the early 1900s would be contained in the historical item? Interestingly, everything inside was tied up with string, which was a common packaging method of the timeframe. The Schuyler County Historical Society hosted the event at Lancaster Senior Housing Community Center to open the time capsule found embedded in a cornerstone at the Lancaster School.

Schuyler County Historical Society President Sandra Redding told KTVO-TV:

“This really was a historic event,” adding, “There were several items, several hand written items from the students at the school. We also had different articles from several business people. We also found a ring, a horse ring I think they said it was.”

The contents held up remarkably well, as Lancaster native Bob Bigsby noted:

“Everything was wrapped with string which brought back a lot of memories for me when you used to go to the store everything you picked up was wrapped in string. And how that string were able to hold its strength after 100 years being sealed in a container was a little bit of a mystery to me.”

The items inside of the capsule will reside at the local Hall House Museum.

The Schuyler County Historical Society shared photos of the capsule’s contents on their Facebook page, including an envelope addressed to The Ancestors of the Friedrich Household. It reads: “This was placed in the vault of the cornerstone of the new fireproof school.”

This school, according to the historical society, “was built after the original school burned down in the same location.” They hoped to get in contact with members of the Friedrich family.

Another post that the historical society shared on Facebook showed more of the capsule’s contents and explained:

“There were a few family trees hand written for future generations to know more about the people who were contributing to the time capsule. This one has the Eickmeier family, Henry and Margaret. Posted here are entries from Find a Grave and Ancestry.com. If you know any of the family let us know.”

KTVO TV shared a Facebook Live video of the capsule being opened and people watched as the container was hit open and the contents removed, read through, and displayed on a table. Among the comments were those who felt the anticipation build as the process took some time. One person noted: “Inside, were the instructions for opening it…”

Many shared their excitement with finding out what the capsule contained, with one commenter writing:

“It is exciting! I’m surprised that string around the package was still all in one piece.” Others noted their ties with the town, with some, such as this commenter, explaining they went to school there: “I graduated from this school. What a wonderful artifact.”

Another commenter explained where the contents will be displayed, writing:

“The contents will be at the Hall Museum in Lancaster. The museum reopens in May of 2018. This is a great gift for us and the community. Thank you from the Schuyler County Historical Society.”