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11 Photos Of Mothers Who Look Younger Than Their Daughters

Have you ever seen a mother and a daughter duo who look like they could be sisters? Of course, you have! It’s a popular trope in movies, especially comedies. While it can be amazing for mothers to see their daughters looking just like them as they grow up, it can be even more exciting if people start telling these mothers that they look as young as their daughters.

Over the course of the following eleven photos, you’ll see images of mothers and daughters who could easily be mistaken for sisters or for being the same age. That doesn’t just point to the fact that they share amazing genetic histories; it points to the fact that these mothers took good care of themselves throughout their lives. Here are the images for you to see what we mean.

You’ll be surprised to learn that one of these blondes is the other twos’ mother. Don’t be fooled. Australian mom Natalie Wardell is on the left.

This next duo features a makeup maven and her daughter. The mother may be on the right, but they could easily be mistaken for sisters.

Although this young teen is celebrating her quinceañera – she’s only fifteen – her mother looks just about the same age. Talk about amazing genetics in this family tree.

This mom, 52-year-old Yasmin Le Bon, worked as a model. Her 28-year-old daughter Amber looks just like her. It’s an amazing thing that all these women look at the same age.

These three beauties include Taiwanese blogger Lure Hsu. She’s the one on the left. She’s 63-years-old. The other two are her sisters, 36 and 40.

Shweta Bachchan Nanda and her 20-year-old daughter Navya are often mistaken as sisters. Nanda is a career actor, and her daughter is aspiring to work as an actor. With looks like these women, it’s no wonder they’re in front of a camera.

When the internet saw this photo of the Mahones, they didn’t know what to think. 36-year-old mom Tine is in the photo, and she’s with her twin daughters.

Although they’re a generation apart, these blondes won a lookalike contest in their hometown. They’re mother and daughter. While we don’t know their names, they certainly seem like they could be the same age.

Another mother-daughter pair from St. Louis entered a lookalike contest. It’s hard to tell who’s the mom and who’s the teenager. Which one do you think is the mom, and which do you think is the teen?

You do not see double when you look at this mom and daughter pair. They’re both beautiful, and they’re not afraid to show it. Mom is named Ebony, and she’s on the right with the curls. They’re so similar in looks they could be sisters.

In this photo, Julia Bordovksy poses with her daughter. While mom is 47-years-old, she looks like a clone of her younger daughter. Talk about a mom who looks just like her daughter.

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