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12 Year Old Girl Walks Up To Singer And Does A Rendition Of Her Song That Left Us All Speechless

Pink, the singer, has revitalized her career over the last year. When she first got songs on the Billboard charts, she was a contemporary of Christina Aguilera and Britney Spears. But Pink was always underestimated and underappreciated – despite having a superb voice. For some years, she went under the radar until she released her megahit last year “What About Us,” which has become a sensation across the country.

And now that she is back in the limelight she wants to use her celebrity platform to lift up other people and help them reach their dreams just like she did a number of years ago.

Victoria Anthony, 12, is one of those singing hopefuls. She loves singing more than anything in her life, except for her family. And she spends every second of her daydreaming, singing, and thinking about music and her future career. So when Victoria heard that Pink, her musical idol, was coming to town, she hurried to buy tickets. She was overjoyed to be there and be in the same stadium as her favorite artist.

But in the middle of Pink’s performance, Victoria had the blessed opportunity to get up to the stage and belt out a few lyrics into Pink’s microphone. While Pink does this with her super fans from time to time, she never expected Victoria to be a super-star singer like she is. And as you can see in the video, which someone was fortunate enough to record, Pink’s face lights up when she hears Victoria sing like a professional. And she can tell that this young girl has places to go in the music industry. She is a force of nature that no one is going to be able to slow down.

Before Pink came to Vancouver, Victoria blew up her idol’s social media page with a new hashtag “#VicAndPink.” She wanted Pink to sing with her at the show. And it worked.

During the Vancouver performance, Pink stopped for a moment and turned to Victoria in the audience. Because the young lady had been persistent, Pink singled her out from the masses.

“Are you who I read about on the news? Are you the singer? Do you want to come sing something?” the celebrity said.

While many twelve-year-olds would fear such a broad audience, Victoria had prepared for this moment and was ready to shine. But she never expected her voice to make such an impact on Pink. As the young girl sang, Pink’s heart melted as Victoria impressed her with her ability.

When Victoria finished singing, Pink pulled her in for a hug. Then she said, “Wow. I don’t want to sing anymore!” She stunned Pink and the crowd. And Pink just wanted to listen to Victoria’s voice for the rest of the day.

Watch the fantastic performance Victoria shared with Pink. The video was published online just last week and has already gotten nearly 1.5 million views.

What do you think about her super performance? Do you think she’s going places in the music industry?