12-Year-Old’s Performance Of Famous Song Has Quickly Racked Up Millions Of Views (video) : AWM

12-Year-Old’s Performance Of Famous Song Has Quickly Racked Up Millions Of Views (video)

If you’re someone who loves discovering new talent, then you’re about to be blown away by this amazing performance. Because talent shows are a dime a dozen these days, the market almost seems oversaturated with prodigious singers, dancers, and all other sorts of performers. Whether your favorite go-to talent show is “America’s Got Talent,” “The Voice”, or you’re eager for the revival of “American Idol,” you’ll be amazed when you hear this 12-year-old boy belt out one of the best renditions of “Because of You” in recent memory.

The preteen boy’s name is Ronan Parke. And he first rose to stardom when he came onto “Britain’s Got Talent” back in 2011. Right from the jump, the judges knew this youngster had talent. His auditions were mind-blowing.

And though he was just a boy, they knew he was on the fast-track trajectory to be a star. Not only was he an amazing singer, but he was also a humble person. And that just makes people glad to work with him.

Although many young singers blessed with as much talent as Ronan would be cocky and arrogant about what they can do, Ronan was not at all. He showed gratitude for the opportunity to be on the talent show and perform before the renowned judges on the other end of the stage.

When you see this young man stand up to sing, you won’t believe that he is able to do what he can do. It is utterly mind-blowing. That such a powerful voice can come from his small frame is unbelievable. And the judges are as shocked as the audience during this fantastic audition.

While his singing ability is paramount, he also has the ability to infuse soul into his songs. And people are shocked that such a young man can feel the complex emotions the great singers of the past were able to conjure in their hits.

His performance on Britain’s Got Talent may be a few years old, but people are still astounded with him when they hear “Because of You.” This was a Kelly Clarkson original – and with Simon Cowell judging him, Ronan was taking a risk. As you know, Clarkson was the first winner of American Idol back at the turn of the millennium. So, Cowell is going to be extra critical if the boy is unable to deliver on the song.

But Simon should have known better. Ronan would not have shown up to sing “Because of You” if he was not going to blow the crowd away with his spectacular rendition. And that’s sure was what happened.

The video below has gotten nearly six million hits. Ronan is amazingly popular.

The British talent show wrote: “Ronan’s talent hasn’t once fallen on deaf ears, as it was clear right from his very first audition that he was gifted with an incredible voice.”

Although comments have been disabled on the video, we know that people would have gladly shared their love for Ronan on the discussion board.

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