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250 Amish Men Lift Barn With Their Bare Hands And Carry It Across The Farm

When a group of Amish men realizes that they put the barn in the wrong spot, they surround the structure and lift it up and move it with their bare hands. The feat of strength required 250 strong Amish men and proved that community life in Amish country has its benefits. Thankfully, someone outside of the community, which famously forbids electronic devices, was there to capture the achievement as the two hundred fifty men lifted the barn up and carried it across the Ohio farm to its new location.

According to Little Things, there are 40 Amish affiliations in the United States. These communities are small and very close-knit, which means that they do not like to have much influence come into them from the outside world. The communities rely on themselves and rather self-sufficient, and use human and animal power to keep things going.

This incident of the barn moving was captured on film back in March 2019. It shows how farm work has made these Amish men exceptionally strong. It features hundreds of people as they all work to carry their share of the burden along with the help of some horse-drawn carriages from a distant location to the farmland of Joseph Hochstetler’s farm in Knox County, Ohio. The mission of the day was simple as the group of Amish men simply wanted to move the barn to the other side of the farm. They had built it in the wrong place all that time ago.

Because they needed to move the barn before winter ended, they had to go out into the cold Ohio day and move the pole barn with the might of hundreds of humans.

In the video, you can see about a quarter thousand men gathering around the structure. They are prepared to do what it takes to lift the barn off the ground and move it across the farm to the other side and put it where it was meant to be all along.

Because they wanted to move the barn as an entity, they used manpower instead of breaking it apart and rebuilding it across the farm. While the men got down and dirty and worked as a team to lift the heavy building, the women watched and cheered them on.

The men lifted the barn with a mighty effort, but that was only the beginning of the herculean task. They had to put it then where it was meant to belong. This was not easy since the structure kept twisting in the air. The men had to straighten it and make sure it was steady before going on any further.

You’ll love watching this process. It took less than five minutes for these hundreds of men to move the barn across the Ohio farm. If this demonstrates one thing, it is that people are stronger when working together. Talk about Amish ingenuity and teamwork.

What do you think about this? Did you think it was possible for people to move a building with their bare hands?

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