For some time, the Australian writer Natalie Fornasier was battling a devastating diagnosis of melanoma. Unfortunately, the young woman, only twenty-eight, passed away following her cancer battle. While this is extremely sad news, especially for her family and friends, Natalie’s husband Alexander has come forward to share his wife’s final note in which she offers her beloved man some life advice that everyone should follow – “Don’t hide it or lessen its existence.”

Fornasier, from Sydney, Australia, passed away following her battle with melanoma on January 14, 2023. She had been diagnosed with stage three metastatic melanoma when she was just twenty years old and fought valiantly against the disease for eight long years. Because she knew how devastating cancer could be, she dedicated a lot of her time to raising awareness about the life-threatening dangers of the various forms of skin cancer, including melanoma.

Alexander shared an Instagram post with a piece of writing from “our beautiful Natalie,” who “moved on from this life” but not without imparting some wisdom to her husband, who needed extra support after losing his beloved wife.

“Be confident. Embrace your disability. Don’t hide it or lessen its existence,” the inspiring message read. “It’s one piece of your puzzle, and each time you share it, it is an opportunity to define yourself by your own standards. Because telling your story has power, and not only is it powerful to you, but to others as well.”

Alexander claimed that his wife had and will continue to have an “immeasurable” impact on the people in her life and those around her – even if she did not know those people personally.

Her beloved husband added, “As I’m struggling to find words, I can’t help but think of how Natalie would just laugh out loud over my clumsy composition. She was looking at me with this sparkle in her eyes, full of love and amusement. Words are her gift. How lucky we are to have been touched by the magic she created.

“I’d always call her my ‘beautiful girl,’ and by that, I wasn’t even talking about those big, emerald and hazel eyes. I wasn’t even talking about her immaculate skin, perfected by a curated 12-step skincare routine. I wasn’t even talking about the smile that lit up a room and made me feel at home.

“I was talking about her beautiful soul. The soul of a writer, a poet, someone who seemed to have lived many lives. The beautiful soul I fell in love with. That I was so incredibly privileged to have crossed paths with. I love you, Natalie, always, forever.”

He ended his heartwarming message with another note from his beloved wife that said, “Love as much as you can.”

Fornasier revealed her terminal cancer prognosis to her Instagram followers in December 2022, about a month before she passed on. Her cancer battle began when a mole on her toe changed shape.