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3. $800 Discount On Life Saving Home Security

It’s a known fact that homes without a security system are more likely to be broken into by criminals, figures put this number at nearly 2.7x more likely to be robbed. But if a robber decides to break in any way, the added benefit of an alarm system will likely scare them away from the noise alone. If that’s not good enough, , the fact home security systems automatically alert police will often mean the difference between life and death.

Seniors are often those who need protection the most as criminals target them thinking they are weak and unable to defend themselves.

Outside of the protection of your family and belongings, installing a security system will most often save you money on your home insurance. Some companies will cut your premiums by up to 20% if you have one installed.

While the cost of installing a home security system used to be quite expensive, that is no longer the case. In fact, companies will often give you all the equipment free if you just pay a small $99 installation fees. One of the most trusted names in home security ADT is currently offering new customers $800 in discounts. This translate to nearly a whole year free of home security.