A family “fun” center in Memphis, Tennessee, was rocked when a group of more than three hundred angry teenagers turned their adolescent rage on the mini-golf center that had faulty vending machines. Since the group, which had somewhere between three and four hundred angry people in it, had lost their money in the vending machines, they were outraged and decided to destroy the equipment with all the force they could muster.

The violence erupted at the Memphis mini golf location on Saturday night because the angry teens wanted the facility’s machines to work. Instead, the machines continued to steal the teenagers’ money, so their hormone-enhanced anger rose and resulted in a mob attack on the facility. Police arrived at the scene, terrified by the anger pouring from the minds of the teenagers who were committed to their rampage.

The anger got even worse because the mini-golf course management failed to handle the situation properly. Since their machines had malfunctioned, you’d assume that they would refund the money lost. At least that is what the management of a company that valued its customers would do. Instead, the managers at the Memphis mini-golf course refused to make good on their faulty machines, taunting the teens with their snub.

The machines began swallowing money on Saturday night. They were even hungrier than the hundreds of teenagers who wanted to fill their stomachs with vending machine snacks. Although these teens approached the staff at the facility and asked for refunds, the managers ordered their workers to refuse service to the mistreated teenagers. Instead of issuing the refunds, the customers demanded, the managers effectively laughed at them and told them to leave with empty pockets.

The incident soon got out of hand because the large group of teenagers had been dropped off at the mini-golf course without adult supervision. Parents had brought hundreds of teens to the location so they could go about their business and have some fun without having their kids tag along. Most parents can understand how much of a hassle it can be to have a teenager along for the ride when all they do is complain and stare blankly at their phone and use the Chinese-created TikTok app that might soon be sold to Microsoft.

Although the management of the facility mishandled the situation, the teens’ behavior took a turn for the worst when they started engaging in mob mentality. Before long, the teenagers started knocking items off shelves, throwing objects at the employees, and even spitting at a worker in one instance.

Then, one teenager exploded fireworks inside of a building, which caused extensive damage to the property.

Reporter Winnie Wright tweeted, “Parents dropped off 300 to 400 kids at Putt Putt on Summer last night, according to Memphis Police Department, breaking COVID-19 rules. A witness tells me the girl seen here was there about two hours before management made everyone clear out. She reacted like this, he said, when they wouldn’t give her a refund.”

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