Predators and thieves like to target victims that they think will make easy prey. That, unfortunately, means that criminals often go after vulnerable populations like those who are elderly or over the age of sixty-five. That’s what one thief decided to do when he attempted to rob a woman, 65, while she was inside her home. It all started on a beautiful Sunday morning when the 65-year-old woman heard a noise outside of her home and peered out the window to see a huge man on her property.

The man, Adam Mosley, weighed more than three hundred pounds and wanted to harm her – or at least steal her valuables – so the woman knew that she had only moments to prepare a defense. Fortunately, she had been a softball player in high school and still had some skills with a bat.

From inside her home, the woman noticed the man trying to break into her car. He worked on the door handles and tried to jigger them out. He knocked on the windows to see if one of them might be lost. When he realized it would not be easy to steal from the elderly woman’s car, he decided to target her home instead. That’s when the senior citizen knew that she had to take self-defense into her own hands. There just would not be enough time for police to arrive and bring justice with them. It was all up to her.

Some details about the suspect. He was a large, menacing man. And he wasn’t wearing all of his clothes. The would-be robber was just in a pair of boxers, which left the woman even more worried than she would have been otherwise. Clearly, the man was up to no good. He wasn’t the tallest man in the world. He stood at just about five feet and six inches tall, but his body weight made him a very threatening person to an old woman.

That’s when Mosley spotted the woman. He started to rush toward her. His three-hundred-pound frame came careening toward her across her lawn. Fortunately, the woman had some experience as a softball player when she was in high school and had an aluminum baseball bat at her disposal, which she was holding in her tight grip.

As Mosley rushed toward the woman and tried to break inside her home, the woman, who also happens to be a grandma, swung the aluminum bat directly at his head. Crack! She made direct contact and left him with something he would never forget.

Once the grandmother used the bat on the would-be robber, he turned around the fled her property. He wasn’t going to risk further injury and wanted to make sure the woman couldn’t get another swing at his noggin.

A K-9 officer was able to use items left behind at the grandmother’s property to track down Mosley and arrest him for what he was trying to do to the old woman. When he was found, he was in possession of cocaine.

The woman stated that Mosley was lucky she had a baseball bat instead of a gun.

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