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31-Year-Old Gets Kicked Out Of Parents’ House, Her Reaction Has Her Facing Life In Jail

Have you ever been so mad at your parents that you could kill them? Perhaps when you’ve said those words, to yourself or to someone else, you were feeling very emotional and were simply over exaggerating. Likely, you were also a teenager at the time. Such an immature and reactive thought is commonplace for young adults and adolescents, but not among grown adults. That’s just one reason that the murder of Robert Simpson by his thirty one year old daughter over the matter of no longer allowing her to live in his home is shocking people around the country. Read on to get the whole story.

According to authorities, thirty one year old Brittany Simpson was being evicted by her parents from their suburban Charleston, South Carolina, home when she entered their million dollar waterfront mansion in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, earlier this month and shot and killed her father, sixty six year old Robert Simpson. Robert Simpson was a London native who worked in the film industry.

Brittany Simpson had been served with a twenty four hour notice to vacate the property just days before she committed the murder. The eviction notice was brought to the attention of the police investigating the incident by Simpson’s sister, Brooke Simpson.

Brittany was further accused in public by another sister, Chelsea Simpson, who told officers that her sister was unstable. Brittany’s statement to the police claimed that an intruder was responsible for the murder of her father, however law enforcement subsequently found a gun and Brittany’s bloody clothes submerged in a nearby creek, which led to the arrest of Brittany Simpson.

Brittany’s mother, Susan Simpson, was asleep in the guest bedroom of her Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, home when she was startled awake by a series of loud pops and bangs, followed by the sound of her husband yelling. Her daughter Brooke and Brooke’s boyfriend, Lief Eric Orvig, ran to meet her and find out what was happening. The family members noticed blood coming from below the master bedroom door. When police arrived at around 6:00 am, Brittany told them that an intruder shot her father and asked her mother, “Why did you leave the doors unlocked?”

According to The Charleston Post & Courier, “Robert Simpson was still alive when officers arrived and one of them kicked in the master bedroom door to help him. He had suffered a gunshot wound to the chest. Firefighters were sent in and began providing medical care but Simpson died.”

The newspaper’s report continued, “A Charleston Police Department diver found a green Trailmaker Classic backpack in the creek behind the Simpson’s home. Inside, police found a pink, 3-pound dumbbell, two t-shirts, pair of athletic shorts, black Allen gun case, black Sticky gun holster, and a black Smith & Wesson Shield 9mm handgun and magazine. Four Luger 9mm rounds were found in the eight-round magazine. According to affidavits, the handgun matched one kept in a bedroom that Brittany used as storage. The clothes found the backpack matched what Brittany had been seen wearing earlier in surveillance video from a neighboring property, the affidavits said.”

Brittany Simpson’s attorney, David Aylor, said that she was “unemployed lately, hampered by a disability,” and that the shooting was, “a tragedy … affecting the entire family.”

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