33-Year-Old Man Wanders Around Holding Shopping Bag, When Cops See What’s Inside They Want To Puke : AWM

33-Year-Old Man Wanders Around Holding Shopping Bag, When Cops See What’s Inside They Want To Puke

Residents and visitors to Zaragoza, Spain were in for a shock when they witnessed a man covered in blood wandering the city. Not only were his clothes slathered in the bodily fluid, but he also held a plastic bag. The man, 33, was in a daze as he walked about the city, but it was soon revealed that he held something rather disturbing inside the plastic bag – it was his own penis, which he had amputated at home.

Once word got out about the man, police were called to help him. They are now investigating the bizarre situation to learn what could have possibly compelled the man to chop off his own body part and walk around the city with it inside a plastic bag – unless he is only pretending that he did it to himself to protect himself from the wrath of the true perpetrators.

The man was found wandering around the city center of the city, which is the capital of Spain’s northeastern Aragon region. The Spanish reports claim that the man was dazed and wandering around the streets with the plastic bag in his hand while slathered in his blood.

When police rushed over to help him, he told them a story about how he amputated his penis himself at home and had just left home with it in the plastic bag. Unconfirmed reports say that the man was carrying it in a shopping bag.

Police officers who arrived in a patrol car could hear the man crying out for help. They called the paramedics, and the man was rushed to the Hospital Miguel Servent where he received emergency treatment. Time was of the essences, as it always is when someone loses part of their body.

He told police officers that he severed his penis himself and they rushed back to his home to gather the evidence. They also wanted to survey the scene and see if someone else might have been there or not.

It is unknown whether the doctors at the hospital were able to reattach his most important part or not. His general conditions and whether he pulled through are also unknown at this time. However, the incident will have, in the very least, scarred the man psychologically for the rest of his days.

Investigators want to learn the true facts of the case because the man’s story is rather unbelievable. Who would do this to themselves and why? Investigators want to discover if a third party might have been involved in the phallic amputation.

Because the man insists that he followed through with the procedure himself, psychiatrists were asked to check the man out. After thorough questioning, the doctors believe that the incident might have been a type of self-harm or that the man might have done it while on too many drugs.

Doctors and staff at the hospital have not furnished any more details in the case or the man’s condition.

What do you think about this bizarre case? Do you think the man did it to himself as he described?

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