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4-Year-Old With Cancer Whispers These Heart-Wrenching Words Right Before His Passing

There are few things people agree on. But when it came to little four-year-old Nolan Scully, everyone agreed that he was a blessing to this planet. Not only did the boy’s personality and passion for life light up the world, but his dying words also left his mother with hope and faith in the future. Although Nolan died from rhabdomyosarcoma when he was just three-years-old and died the following year, he relayed a message to his adoring mother that left her in tears and filled with hope that one day, a long way down the road, she’d meet Nolan up in heaven.

Rhabdomyosarcoma is a rare form of cancer of the soft tissue. Because it is not an easy cancer for doctors to defeat, his family understood that they had to start appreciating every little moment they had with the boy while they could. Part of that initiative was why they decided to create a Facebook page dedicated to little Nolan. It was a way to celebrate the bright light he brought to the world and to share and post pictures and messages from wonderful moments the family shared together. They knew that the illness was not going to be easily defeated, so they wanted to share the joy that Nolan brought the world with as many people as possible while they still could – and that’s how so many people heard about the dying boy’s final words.

His mother Ruth posted a message on the Facebook page about Nolan’s final day. It is heartbreaking but also inspiring.

“On February 1, we were sat down with his ENTIRE team. When his oncologist spoke, I saw the pure pain in her eyes. She had always been honest with us and fought alongside us the whole time, but his updated CT scan showed large tumors that grew, compressing his bronchial tubs and heart within four weeks of his open chest surgery. The Metastatic Alveolar Rhabdomyosarcoma was spreading like wildfire. She explained at this time she didn’t feel his cancer was treatable as it had become resistant to all treatment options we had tried, and the plan would be to keep him comfortable as he was deteriorating rapidly.

“After a while, I composed myself and went into Nolan’s room. He was sitting, watching YouTube on his tablet. I sat down with him and put my head up against his and had the following conversation: ‘Poot, this cancer stuff sucks. You don’t have to fight anymore.’”

In response, the boy lit up with glee, “I don’t? But I will for you, mommy!”

From there, Ruth told Nolan that she could no longer keep her son safe on Earth, and that “the only way I can keep you safe is in heaven.”

He said, “I’ll just go to heaven and play until you get there!”

The next day, Ruth jumped in the shower, and her son fell into a deep sleep that was the start of his dying process.

“I ran and jumped into bed with him,” and that’s when “a miracle happened.” The boy “opened his eyes, smiled at me, and said, ‘I love you, mommy’ turned his head towards me, and passed away as I was singing.”

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