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7 Important Reasons You Should Make Sure Your Pet Sleeps In Your Bed

Even before scientists and researchers started to look into it, we intuitively knew that having a dog was beneficial to your wellbeing. With a creature around that is always happy, how could it not lift your mood and help you feel better? But when it comes to letting your dog sleep on your bed with you, people have been split for years.

But new research has been published which hopes to put that debate to rest. Now it is no longer should or shouldn’t you allow your dog on the bed with you. It’s how can you avoid reaping all the benefits of letting your pooch rest on the foot of the bed with you. Here’s why.

A study followed 150 dog owners who participated in a sleep study at the Center for Sleep Medicine at the Mayo Clinic in Scottsdale, Arizona. The results were staggering. About four in ten dog owners who allowed their pooch to sleep on the bed with them reported better sleep. Why? The study found that these dog owners felt more secure at night because they “personal bodyguard” was nearby. But you might not be sold. If only four in ten slept better, does that mean the other sixty percent reported poorer sleep? That statistic is unclear.

However, there are other reasons you should share your bed with your dog at night.

You will feel less stressed.

When people let their dogs sleep in their bed with them, they reported lower levels of stress than those who don’t own dogs. Proximity to your pooch helps you feel calmer. So when you’re near your dog at night, when you’re already relaxed, the benefit is even more significant.

You will feel safer.

Even if you’re in the safest neighborhood in America, having your dog in bed with you will boost your level of security. Also if it is a house fire and not a break-in, the dog can help. Your pet will be on the lookout for any strange noise and alert you to a change immediately.

Your dog is happier.

While people are happier when their dogs sleep with them, so are the dogs. Because your dog loves you to the moon and back, they love sleeping near you at night. It boosts their mental health and wellbeing.

You lower your risk of depression.

Being near your dog at night can help you feel loved and not alone. If you’re at risk of depression or battle symptoms, invite your dog to sleep at the foot of the bed. It could help.

You feel warmer at night.

Body heat feels excellent during a chilly night. If it is unusually cold, your dog can be the perfect sleeping buddy. You’ll save on heating costs and both reap the other benefits too.

You’ll sleep better.

As we mentioned in the intro, many dog owners sleep better at night when their best friend is there with them.

You’ll feel comforted.

If you want more comfort in your busy life, sharing a bed with Spot could help. Having the presence of your loved one so close, really boosts how cozy you’ll feel.

Is it time you invited your dog to share the bed at night?

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