8 Siblings Bust Into Spirited Christmas Dance And It’s Giving Them Well Deserved Fame (video) : AWM

8 Siblings Bust Into Spirited Christmas Dance And It’s Giving Them Well Deserved Fame (video)

Traditions are a beautiful thing. And few families are as dedicated to their Christmas traditions as these eight siblings from Utah. Back in 2012, they got together and spent hours choreographing a dance that they busted out for their parents on Christmas day. It was so much fun that they decided NEVER to stop dancing on Christmas. And thus, a new yuletide tradition was born. This dance routine became the family’s way to launch themselves into the Christmas spirit every season. And then they decided to take it to the next level and share their dance with the world via the internet. Because they were having so much fun dancing with each other, they suspected that the film of their dance would be a hit with everyone else. But they never would have guessed it would balloon into a viral sensation that would take over YouTube and other video platforms with its mega-popularity during the holiday season.

Since they first got started half a decade ago, the family has perfected their Christmas dance. And while the eight siblings are the main dancers, other family members make cameo performances from time to time. For example, this year, which is one of the biggest dance casts yet, included the parents, three in-laws, three nieces and three dogs. Talk about a huge cast for a family Christmas dance!

The family has Ammon Orgill to thank for organizing the dance. Orgill spearheads the tradition and makes sure the entire clan gets their dancing shoes on in time for the Christmas tradition.

This year, Orgill posted their dance video on his Facebook page. As you can imagine, it was an immediate hit. The entire Orgill family is in their ugly sweaters, and they’re rocking out to the popular Ariana Grande Christmas song from 2012 “Santa Tell Me.”

Viewers caught on to the Utah family tradition pretty quickly. That’s why people eagerly wait for Orgill to post the latest Christmas video to the internet. And this year, the family is blowing away everyone who watches it. This has inspired the family to keep the tradition going and to make the choreography work no matter how hard it is to get everyone together to do it.

But people shared their love for the dance routine.

“I come from a family of 12 brothers and sisters. There are close to 30 of us cousins…we are inspired by your video and are now plotting something for Christmas Eve,” one commenter wrote. “Thanks for making family look so cool!”

No one would argue that it is difficult to choreograph a dance. Everyone needs to take it seriously, and it can be hard enough to do that with just one or two siblings let alone as many as the Orgill clan.

The videos have become so popular that Orgill was asked to interview about them. When last year’s video was released, Orgill said:

“at the end of the day we all do love it. We love spending time together and how it all brings us together.”

What do you think about this family’s joyous Christmas tradition?