90-Year-Old Woman Leaves Heartbreaking Note For Neighbor, Strangers All over Are Praying For Her : AWM

90-Year-Old Woman Leaves Heartbreaking Note For Neighbor, Strangers All over Are Praying For Her

Grab a tissue because this story of an elderly woman reaching out to her neighbor and the response received will have the tears flowing. Marleen Brooks came home to find a letter from her 90-year-old neighbor, who wanted to know, simply, if they could be friends. Marleen had never spoken to her neighbor, but it was evident that this woman was someone in need of companionship.

The letter read:

“Would you consider to become my friend. I’m 90 years old – live alone. All my friends have passed away. I’m so lonesome and scared. Please I pray for someone.”

Marleen shared the photo with local news anchor, Frank Somerville of KTVU, who posted it on Facebook, with Marleen’s comment: “Came home to this note from a lady that lives down the street from me. Makes my heart sad, but on the bright side it looks like I will be getting a new friend.”

Marleen was more than happy to connect with her neighbor, Wanda, stopping by to introduce herself and bring her cupcakes. Marleen explained: “She’s such a sweet lady! And she was over the moon when we came over.”

She further noted that Wanda had said:

“I hope you didn’t think I was stupid for writing you, but I had to do something. Thank you so much for coming over. I’ve lived here for 50 years and don’t know any of my neighbors.”

Marleen added:

I also made sure that Wanda knew she can call us at anytime and that I’ll be back to spend time with her! I’m sure Wanda and I will have some great times.”

Though Wanda has three sons, two live far away and the third passed away recently from cancer. The woman felt extremely isolated as she has health concerns which make getting out of her home harder. The feelings of isolation and loneliness prompted Wanda to make the effort to reach out and Marleen was fully on board with the friendship.

The news anchor provided an update that noted: “I love this story. And I’m so happy for Wanda. But as I said in my first post, there are so many others out there who are lonely just like Wanda.
I would ask that maybe you consider knocking on their door and saying hi. I know it would mean the world to them. And who knows, maybe you’ll make a new friend.”

Many people weighed in with comments, truly inspired by the story, with one person noting: “That just breaks my heart – but I commend Miss Wanda for her courage. I think it’s time for me to pay a visit to the nearest nursing facility to see if I can be a friend to someone.”

Another commenter noted: “Any one of us could be in Wanda’s situation. We have to be mindful that not everyone has family or friends.”

Other commenters weighed in about how small gestures can have big impacts, with one person writing: “It doesn’t cost anything to smile at, hold the door open or simply say hello when passing someone on the street.”