A 12-Year-Old Girl Who Lived Here Attempted A Murder, But Her Reason For Doing It Breaks My Heart : AWM

A 12-Year-Old Girl Who Lived Here Attempted A Murder, But Her Reason For Doing It Breaks My Heart

No one would think to suspect a little girl of the worst crime a human can commit. But after a 12-year-old girl admitted to murdering her four-year-old stepbrother, her parents had no choice but to accept it as the truth. The little girl poisoned her little brother with Mr. Clean cleaning liquid for a very particular reason – because her mother “loved him more.”

The girl got the idea from a man in Texas. Her mother found messages on Skype from her twelve-year-old and the Texas man where the girl told the man she would “get rid of him” with poison. And she was true to her word.

The incident happened on July 6. The girl’s stepbrother became so ill that her mother had no choice but to call the police and ambulance. The police arrived at their Oak Grove, Kentucky home and after they realized that the little boy was sick unnaturally, they called in the detectives.

When the police confronted the little girl about her stepbrother’s sickness, she admitted her crime. She described how she used Mr. Clean to poison the little boy by pouring the dangerous liquid into the child’s water cup and forcing him to drink it.

Her motivation for the murder was because she thought her mother loved her stepbrother more than her. And because he annoyed her on that day, she decided to end his life once and for all. She thought that would solve two problems at once.

Thankfully, the little boy did not die. But he was seriously ill for some time. But his life will be affected for years to come. Because he ingested the cleaning solution, his insides might be injured.

Meanwhile, the little girl was taken into custody and brought to a hospital. She is undergoing a psychiatric evaluation. She has since been charged with attempted murder and awaiting a judge’s decision as to whether she should be locked up in jail or not.

Readers of Daily Mail had some intense reactions to her crime.

One Sacramento reader wrote: “She needs a permanent tattoo on the forehead to warn the normies when she gets out of juvie.”

A Washington D.C. resident added that “The really dangerous part is that, since she is so young, the chances are that any record of this will be ‘sealed.’ So that a background investigation would not turn it up. If she is confined until she is 18 or so, then they will turn her loose with a ‘clean record.’ Anyone who attempts to ‘check her out’ will find nothing – until she kills them for some reason. Scary!!”

One reader wants to know more about the Texas man who might have encouraged her to “off” her younger brother.

“How horrific!! The parents are accountable as well. Why is a 12-year-old chatting online with an older man in the first place?? Then to get ideas about poisoning and actually doing it?! Seriously, where are the parents?”

What about you? Who do you think is to blame in this horrific crime committed by a young girl?