A Bride And Groom Demanded $125 From Each Guest, Then Served Hot Dogs Before Running Out Of Food : AWM

A Bride And Groom Demanded $125 From Each Guest, Then Served Hot Dogs Before Running Out Of Food

In an unprecedented move, a bride and groom decided to charge their guests $125 each to attend their wedding. While this charge was upsetting for the guests, things got worse. Not only did the wedding run out of food, despite the astronomical charge per person, the bride and groom subsequently served pieces of hot dog in a failed attempt to make sure their wedding guests had enough food to eat during the event.

The outraged guest has since sparked a conversation concerning “admission fees” for weddings. The person decided to share her experience at the horrible wedding after the bride asked her to pay $250 so she and her husband could come to the wedding.

Not only did the bride expect the guest to pay so much money, but the wedding reception also ran out of food and party favors for her table.

The post was initially shared on the ever-popular Facebook group, “That’s It, I’m Wedding Shaming” and proceeded to garner a lot of comments and interactions from people all over the world.

The woman admitted that the only reason she paid the fee was that she committed to attending the wedding before the bride slapped her with the entrance fee bill. Because this was most certainly a controversial issue, the post received a lot of comments from all over.

Most people agreed about one thing – they would not have attended the wedding if the bride and groom were expecting such a fee for the special day.

The woman explained herself as follows:

“I was recently invited to a wedding where we had to pay an admission fee of $125 each for my husband and me for a total of $250. Only to not get much in the way of appetizers (they ran out halfway to our table), some of which included hot dog slices.”

The woman added, “The only thing they didn’t run out of that I was able to eat was from the cheese & grapes platter. Furthermore, our table was the only one with no party favors since they also ran out of those. And the main course that they claim was salmon was really suspect looking & cold to the touch, so I decided to pass.”

This was undoubtedly an unsetting wedding to attend. But there was one good thing about it.

“The only saving grace was the open bar, but I was on some medication and couldn’t drink anyway. So I had the most expensive Pepsi known to man: 2 for $125.”

A lot of people wanted to know why she went. That’s why she decided to answer that question before it was added to the comments.

“There are other factors, but more specifically, she caught me off guard. I committed… before I saw it required payment.”

Then the commenter said something bizarre, “I wanted to wear a white dress since I figured it was my wedding too since I paid, but several people told me it would be in bad taste… Unless you’re Beyoncé, please don’t charge people to attend your raggedy wedding.”

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