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A Bully Called His Daughter Ugly. Dad’s Emotional Reaction Is Landing Him In Jail

Bullies target people they think are weak. They want a victim who won’t push back or stand up to them because they are bullying to make themselves feel big and strong. However, when a bully called a man’s stepdaughter “ugly,” her stepdad did what he needed to do in order to teach the 12-year-old bully a lesson in respect. The incident occurred while the 12-year-old girl was walking home from her school in Texas when a group of boys started targeting her and making fun of her – trying to make her cry.

The pair of boys “called her ugly, threw ice cream at her then picked up stones,” the girl’s mother said. The incident left the vulnerable girl victimized and at the brink of tears. She called her stepdad and revealed the complete details surrounding the abuses she received from the bullying boys. Her stepfather, James Peace, rushed to her rescue and picked her up at the side of the road where the bullies had left her covered in ice cream.

When Peace came up with his car to pick the girl up, he couldn’t believe what the bullies had done to her. As he was driving her home, he noticed the two boys who had abused his stepdaughter. Peace was furious. He hated boys and men who took out their frustrations and rage on the fairer sex. Peace parked the car and confronted the boys and wound up slapping one of them hard across the face.

“They were saying that her body was ugly, said that she was a transvestite, started throwing ice cream at her and then they picked up the rocks,” the girl’s mother said.

Peace used his right palm to smack the bully’s left cheek. And the bully wanted to cry like a baby, KTRK reported.

The smack left a red mark on the boy’s face. His jaw also swelled up from the avenger’s assault. After attacking him, Peace threatened the boys further. He told them that if either one of them told someone about how he had slapped them as an act of vengeance for bullying his stepdaughter, he’d find them and beat them up. The bullies promised never to tell a soul because they were deathly afraid of Peace and what he was capable of. Peace had a reputation around town.

The next day teachers figured it out. They heard rumors about the attack and learned that the boy who was hit had become afraid to go to lunch because he didn’t want to see the girl he had bullied the day before.

Teachers took matters into their own hands. They photographed the boy’s cheek, which had gotten “extremely red and appeared to be swelling.” Then teachers shared the photos and accusations with the police.

Peace was called into the station. He denied everything. He told police officers – to their face – that he never hit the boy. Then the cops pulled out the CCTV footage that showed him doing it, and he caved and told another story. He described how his stepdaughter suffers from depression and that the bullying was causing her “serious psychological harm.” He retaliated to protect her.

The police did not buy his story. They charged him with injury to a child under 12, a felony, and arrested him. He posted $15,000 bond on Monday.

Peace’s wife is not on his side. She says he went too far because his emotions got in the driver’s seat. She does not condone his violent outburst even though he was doing it to protect her daughter.

Peace is a repeat offender, previously convicted for felony drug possession and twice for theft.

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