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A Company Is Willing To Pay You $1000 To Watch 30 Disney Movies

If you love Disney movies, we have news about an opportunity that you’re going to love. As a way to promote the new Disney streaming service Disney+ that will hit the internet on November 12, a website called Reviews(dot)org wants to hire you to watch 30 Disney moves in 30 days. If you’re a diehard fan of Disney (and who isn’t a huge Disney fan), then you’re going to want to look into the details of this deal.

For those who are able to watch thirty Disney moves in thirty days, they’ll earn $1,000 as well as a year-long subscription to Disney+ when it becomes available. They’ll also be gifted with a Disney-themed movie watching kit. If that sounds like a no brainer to you and one that is extremely fun, then this Review(dot)org deal is something you had better seize while it’s still available.

The review website advertised the opportunity like this:

“Do you sing along with your kiddos when they belt out ‘Let It Go?’ (Or maybe when you’re alone in the shower?) Is Halloween the perfect time to live out your dreams of becoming a pretty princess or spectacular superhero? We think you’d be perfect for the job!”

With so many people in America who meet those qualifications, this is a job that is going to be high in demand. It’s going to be the kind of gig that gets thousands of applications from eager Disney fanatics the world over.

If you want to try to be selected for this chance to watch thirty Disney movies over thirty days and get paid for your time and effort, just submit a video review of a Disney movie and fill out the online questionnaire. Those who want to participate need to be over the age of eighteen and be a citizen of the United States or a permanent resident. You also need to apply before the hard-stop deadline of November 7, 2019. This is not an opportunity to look over lightly. It’s one that you should go after with gusto and as much fervor as if it were your dream job. Because that’s exactly what it is.

According to the job listing, there’s “no need to wish upon a star to get $1,000.” It goes on to say, “There’s no need to rub a magic lamp. And you don’t need to go on a life-altering journey to find yourself (or Nemo).”

Instead, “you just have to prove you’re the biggest, baddest Disney fan out there, and we’ll tuck a whole grand in your bank account. It’s up to you if you keep ’em there or cash out the $1,000 in coins, then dive into them a la Scrooge McDuck.”

They added, “No, we’re not un poco loco. We’re just so excited about the launch of Disney+ on November 12, 2019, that we’re selecting a Disney fan to help us celebrate. And if we pick you, your job is to watch thirty of your favorite Disney moves or shows in 30 days. (Best. Job. Ever!)”

Is this movie watching job for you?

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