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A Costco Employee Just Came Forward With The Best Deals Available Inside The Store

For anyone who loves to save money, listen up. A Costco employee is sharing some insider information about the best deals you can find in the store. Trust him, he works there, and knows the bargains inside and out. Most notably, there are savings to be had in the meat department, but there are also a couple of surprises in the mix too.

A Reddit thread on the “food buys Costco employees swear by” is super helpful when it comes time to go shopping. Behold, just a few of the savings you could enjoy:

Rotisserie Chicken: Picking up a rotisserie chicken definitely makes for an easy dinner — just add a side dish and dinner is on the table in record time. Costco has among the least expensive rotisserie chickens you can find anywhere, at just $4.99 each. The reasoning given is that they keep the rotisserie prices low to get customers in the store – and, in fact, they reportedly lose money on the chickens.

Pork Loins: Costco’s two-packs of pork loins actually provide four total as each pack has two in it. This is great for cooking one during the week and saving another in the freezer for a future meal.

Ground Beef: Yes, Costco has everything in bulk, but sometimes it pays off in a major way. Their 10-lb. tubes of ground beef provide a major savings, but you’ll have to ask the butcher to get one of these tubes, referred to as “chubs.” Just portion the beef at home into smaller quantities (save time by shaping them into burgers!) and pop in the freezer for another meal. One Redditor advised: “For extra lean (and cheap) ground beef ask the meat department for a 10lb ‘chub.’ We sell our regular ground beef (88/12%) for $3.49 a pound. The way we make it is we take our fat trimmings from cutting steaks and mix it with the chubs to bring up the fat content and increase our profits. The 10lb chubs are probably sitting around 5% – 8% fat and only cost $2.99 a pound! You’ll have to ask for these specifically as we don’t normally put them out for sale.”

Steak: Costco steaks come in big packs, naturally, but the price-per-steak offers up significant savings, even if you feel like you’re buying a big quantity. As with the other meats, this means you can freeze some for later.

Vegetables: Costco’s frozen Normandy brand vegetables are a great deal as well, offering a vegetable blend of a variety of veggies in a 5.5.-lb. bag that you can easily dump in a pan and heat up for a meal when needed. One Redditor noted: “Cost per pound is way less than the veggies separately, and the blend is really solid.”

Kirkland Signature Products: Costco’s store brand offers loads of discounts, giving you high quality items at a fraction of the cost of the comparable brand name item.

Hot Sauce
Who knew? One of the best deals at Costco is the hot sauce, so check it out next time you’re shopping. Brands vary by store, but most people report they get a good deal on hot sauce at Costco over other stores.

What are your favorite things to buy at Costco?