A Coworker Kept Stealing Food Off His Desk. He Setup A Webcam And Nobody Could Believe The Truth : AWM

A Coworker Kept Stealing Food Off His Desk. He Setup A Webcam And Nobody Could Believe The Truth

Office workers know that sometimes things get pretty boring. No matter how busy a business is, employees will always need to find entertaining ways to fill their downtime. One office worker recently thought he was the victim of a prank when his fruit kept disappearing from his desk. In order to catch the slippery culprit, he installed a webcam to monitor who approached his desk throughout the day.

After about a month of this ridiculous fruit theft, the man had finally had enough. The webcam would hopefully catch whoever was pulling this prank and he could get them back.

But it turned out that it wasn’t a prank from his co-workers at all! On the blurry video below, you can see the cleaning lady approach his desk and snag away a piece of fruit. She ate it quickly before throwing it away, and the mystery was suddenly solved in about 5 minutes.

The employee decided to have some fun with the fruit thief, rather than simply report her to her bosses. He changed his screensaver to an image that showed the woman stealing the fruit, along with, “I know who you are. Stop stealing my things or I will report you.”

He clearly wanted the thief to get the message that this was not okay, but without forcing her to lose her job. But she wasn’t the first person to see the message!

A fellow co-worker was caught on tape peeping on his new screensaver. He seems perplexed and confused by the accusation but he seems to lose interest before long. Seconds later, he returns with another co-worker to examine the note in question.

The head janitor came in a little later and noticed the note, something that the original employee didn’t intend to happen. He instantly goes to grab the cleaning woman in question to show her the screenshots for herself.

She looks absolutely disgusted when she see’s the pictures he captured of the fruit theft. She seems to be denying the accusations, so her boss decides to print himself out a copy for posterity. He clearly doesn’t want her to get away with this ever again, proving himself to be a quality boss in the end.

As you may have expected, no more fruit was stolen from this guy’s desk. He didn’t have to file a formal complaint or get her fired in order to solve his problem. Sometimes a little blackmail is all it takes to get the job done!

Some defended the woman, saying that she was probably just desperate. But not everyone had her back in the end.

“Maybe clean your own office and lock the door, or even don’t leave food in your office,” said Slicktre931.

“I hope a lot of people who say don’t steal get one day in the same situation being nearly poor and then get fired because of a small mistake like taking an apple,” added a Youtuber known only as Drake.

“Turn her in. Get her fired. She will just keep taking things. Not from you but from others. Bet if you ask around other people have noticed things missing. She’s not going to stop,” said Ezzz9.

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