When two moms started fighting over a card game at Chuck E. Cheese, one mother drew a gun and used it. Now, 29-year-old mom, Eloise Chairs, has died after she was shot by the other mom in front of her five children. Although medics rushed Chairs to the closest hospital to the Davenport, Iowa Chuck E. Cheese location, she could not be saved and has now become the latest murder statistic in Iowa, which is another Midwestern state stricken by rising crime rates recently.

Chairs was shot and killed after she responded to an argument with another mother. The other mother, 24-year-old Treshonda M. Pollion, was not the one thought to have pulled the trigger. Instead, it was a friend of Pollion who had the gun and used it against the mother-of-five to shoot and kill her at the family-friendly party location.

The victim’s sister, Christena Chairs, spoke to WQAD about the violence at the Chuck E. Cheese location and how it stunned everyone in the community.

“Eloise always put her children first,” Christena Chairs said. “Eloise was shot in front of her children, blood covering them all.”

Chuck E. Cheese is supposed to be a family-friendly restaurant and game store that is designed for children’s birthday parties. Instead, the Davenport location was turned into a bloodbath when the suspect pulled a gun and used it to murder the 29-year-old mother of five.

The altercation began after Chairs confronted another mother. Chairs’ son’s car game had been taken by another boy, and Chairs was trying to retrieve it. Instead of being met with reason, she was met with a bullet.

Pollion was the friend of the other mother. She has been arrested because she allegedly pulled a gun inside the Chuck E. Cheese location and unloaded bullets into Chairs because of the fight over the card game. After Pollion fatally shot Chairs, she reportedly fled the location in Iowa and traveled across state lines to Illinois.

Chairs was shot in the shoulder. The bullet severed the main artery and resulted in a swift death. When police arrived at the scene, Chairs was unresponsive. She was rushed to the Genesis Medical Center East but was declared dead.

After the murder, the manager at Chuck E. Cheese allowed all the families to leave without first speaking to the police. This leniency allowed Pollion to escape and cross state lines after firing the gunshots into the mother.

The murder occurred on Sunday. Pollion was arrested on Monday. She had fled across the Mississippi River and was picked up by police in Rock Island County, Illinois.

Pollion appeared in Scott County District Court before Judge Cheryl Traum and was charged with first-degree murder. Her bond was set at $1 million cash.

The victim’s family is distraught over her death.

“She always wanted to help, even when she needed the help of her own. She loved children,” said the victim’s sister, Joy.

The victim’s friend told Quad-City Times, “She was a strong black, powerful woman who took care of her kids and anyone who needed her helping hand.”

Chairs is survived by four sons and one daughter, who was born just four weeks before the murder.

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