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A Firefighter Just Moved Into This Strange House, And He Says The Inside Is Even More Surprising

Whoever said that firefighters are all the same. While they do share the characteristic of selflessness and bravery, their taste in homes and other aspects of their lives is as varied as people in any other profession. Just because these heroes spend their days running into burning buildings to save people does not mean they all go home to three-bedroom, two-bath home with a white picket fence.

One firefighter has come forward to share her dream home. And it is nothing like what you’d expect. Nicki Jo Davis hired tiny house builder Jim Wilkins of Tiny Green Cabins to create a special home for her that no one else could ever replicate. The tiny home, which is just 22-feet by 8-feet, is built on top of the wheel, making it mobile, in the style of a Victorian home. But not only is this house beautiful from the outside, but it’s also impossible to miss. The home, which is named Ravenlore, boasts a colorful paint job reminiscent of a box of candy. Everything from the shingles to the siding to the trim is a flamboyant color that simply cannot escape a passerby’s eye.

Nicki Jo’s home was built on wheels, which gives her a bit more interior space. The mobile home weighs about 13,500 pounds and can be towed anywhere she wants it to go. That means she can travel around the country without leaving home. It’s quite a comfortable way to live for the brave firefighter.

Nicki Jo decided to downsize to a tiny home because she was sick and tired of all the clutter she’d amassed. She did not need so many “things” clogging up her life. She hired Tiny Green Cabins to build her dream home, which cost only $60,000 and then delivered it to her in Savannah, Georgia. Nicki Jo loves the unique home, which is as cool on the outside as it is on the inside.

If you thought that all the creativity that went into the home was expended on the exterior, you’d be wrong. The tiny home boasts a powerful solar power system that can pull energy from the sun most days of the year. It also incorporates storage in the floor and has a desk space that appeals to Nicki Jo’s more creative moments.

“When I saw the design with the gingerbread trim, I knew it had to be purple, pink, blue, and green,” Nicki said. “I love that it’s completely ridiculous. It makes me really happy!”

Nicki Jo has been living in Ravenlore for a year already. During that time, she put some extra energy into revamping the interior. That’s why visitors are shocked to see the places a brightly lit up on the inside as its colors are on the outside. They absolutely love what she has done with the tiny space.

In the video below, you’ll get a tour of this tiny home from its firefighter owner. Meet Nicki Jo and get a sense of the quirky part of her personality that encourages the creation of the wacky-colored tiny home.

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