Trampoline parks are supposed to be fun. However, at such a place in Illinois, dozens of teens erupted into a massive brawl on Saturday night. Footage from Elevate Trampoline Park in Peoria, IL, depicts just how violent and chaotic the scene became. Teens used their fists and feet to injure and abuse one another. In addition, some teens pulled on hair and tossed trash cans as well as yellow “wet floor” warning signs to injure other victims in the out-of-control mayhem in the recreation center.

Footage shows how staff members, who are wearing neon-green sweatshirts, desperately tried to reign in the violent teenagers. These workers tried to usher the brawlers out of the park and into the lobby, but the teens ignored the peacemakers and continued to punch and kick each other in the violent display of teenage angst and aggression.

Authorities do not know what started the brawl. However, the Peoria Police Department sent officers to the scene. The cops arrived before 10 pm on Saturday and pulled up to the location at 8800 North Allen Road to find it overrun with violent teenagers.

“Due to an active police investigation, we are unable to comment on the fight that took place at our Peoria park on Saturday evening. Our staff is working in full cooperation with the police department and are asking anyone with information regarding the cause of the fight or those involved to call the Peoria Police Department,” a statement from Elevate Trampoline Park read.

Police witnessed the ongoing attacks and reported that there was a smell of pepper spray, although police claimed they did not use “pepper balls or pepper spray of any kind,” according to their press release.

Eventually, the brawl began to calm down, and the bruised teens followed directions to leave the trampoline park and go outside. However, fights continued to break out in the parking lot and did not stop until every teenager was picked up by an adult.

There was at least one parent who reported their child was victimized during the brawl; however, the injured child refused medical care at the scene of the rampage.

Detectives with the Criminal Investigations Division are working through all of the trampoline park’s security footage to see if they need to file any charges against brawlers. Although no arrests have been made yet, there is a possibility that the Peoria Police Department will arrest some people involved in the brawl.

In response to the brawl, Liz Wilson, the owner of the franchise, will no longer host “teen night.” Instead, the special event will be replaced with “open jump” and available to more people.

“We built our trampoline parks on the foundation of creating a fun, positive, and safe place for everyone of all ages to enjoy,” Wilson said in a statement. “We are committed more than ever to focusing our efforts to maintain a family-friendly environment, where everyone who enters our doors, both guests and staff members, are respected and treated with kindness at all times.”

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