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A Kidnapper Tried To Steal These Three Little Girls, But Their Dog Saved The Day

If it was not for the family dog Edgar, the family’s three daughters, ages three, six, and nine, would have been abducted and in the hands of a predator. Parents Thom and Melissa Lambert cannot express how grateful they are for their family dog who managed to scare away the predator, 20-year-old Thomas Dewald, who broke into the family’s home at 3:45 am on April 28 with the sole intention of abducting the three little girls to live out his unstated, but undoubtedly horrendous, motivations.

After Dewald broke into the family’s home, he started to get excited. He knew he was a few steps closer to stealing away with the family’s three little girls, but then he heard something that made his confidence melt away like candle wax. It was the fearsome grow and bark of the family dog, Edgar.

Because the parents heard the intruder downstairs, they called the police as quickly as they could – but when the cops arrived, they did not see any sign that Dewald had ever entered the home. Nevertheless, they managed to follow him and arrest him the next day, and when he was questioned, he admitted to intruding in the family’s home but getting scared away when Edgar confronted him.

Dewald was arrested the day after this incident after he was charged with an unrelated kidnapping of a four-year-old girl. He had stuffed that child in a wooden trunk and left her at his grandmother’s house, without her knowing that her grandson was up to horrible things.

That little girl was not horribly hurt. She managed to escape the wooden trunk and flee the scene, only a few hours after Dewald snatched her from her childhood bed.

After police caught him, they started questioning him. That’s when he revealed how it was he who had broken in through the kitchen window with the sole intention of abducting one of the little girls and doing God knows what with her.

After he had broken into the home, he told police that everything was going according to plan until he heard the bark and growl of the family dog. As soon as the dog Edgar sounded the alarm, he fled the scene knowing that his presence had been announced and his mission compromised.

Dewald had been on a mission to collect as many children as he could. He had been canvassing neighborhoods looking for unsupervised children to kidnap. He wanted to save them from “deplorable conditions” and take them from homes that did not seem to have any video surveillance equipment.

Thom and Melissa only adopted Edgar a few months before the incident. He was a rescue animal, and now he has returned the favor by rescuing the three little girls from the deranged Dewald.

“Yes, he has brought tons of love to my life but this week he literally saved my girls,” Melissa said, who admitted to not being a “dog person” before she adopted Edgar. “If it were not for him waking us to make us aware someone was in our home, ours and daughters’ lives would be tremendously different.”

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