A Little Girl Waved Our Car Down. When She Pointed To The Cliff Our Hearts Dropped. : AWM

A Little Girl Waved Our Car Down. When She Pointed To The Cliff Our Hearts Dropped.

They say that we all cross each other’s paths for a reason, and that couldn’t have been truer for a five-year-old girl by the name of Lexi. While one family was driving through Jasper National Park enjoying the views there was one sight that they would remember forever. Amongst the lush green forest, the family saw something squirming frantically on the side of the road. They immediately pulled over and realized it was a five-year-old girl. They soon realized that the sight they were about to see was anything but serene.

Evidently, earlier that day, Lexi woke up dazed and confused and trapped in a wrecked car at the bottom of a 40-foot embankment. Next to her in the vehicle, her mother was in the driver’s seat unconscious and her baby brother was crying in his car seat next to her. Torn between what to do, Lexi made the brave decision to leave her mom and brother behind and search for help. She unbuckled her car seat belt and trekked up the 40-foot cliff in her bare feet, on a mission to get her family rescued. She plowed through the thorny underbrush, determined to find someone who could help, and as luck would have it, the other family had been driving along the road when she reached the top of the cliff.

The family immediately called for help and when paramedics arrived, they learned that Lexi’s mom’s heart had stopped beating, however; thanks to Lexi’s quick reaction paramedics were able to revive her. In order to get to the wrecked vehicle, they had to use ropes, so they were obviously shocked to hear that Lexi climbed the cliff in bare feet.

Lexi’s mom, Angela, will forever be able to say that her daughter saved her life.

“When I look her at her, she’s the reason I’m alive,” she said.

This is a perfect example of paths crossing at the right time. As Angela and Lexi’s brother Peter was being rescued by paramedics, the family that pulled over took it upon themselves to stay with Lexi and comfort her during the trying time.

In the video below you can see why Lexi is not only her mom’s hero, but she has become a well-known hero around the world.

Donning a princess gown, Lexi was featured on Inside Edition for her heroic act and has been deemed the bravest girl in the world. She was awarded a medal for saving the life of her baby brother and mother.

“When I look at her, she’s the reason I’m alive,” said Angela, who is in awe of her daughter. It turns out that Angela had been planning to stop at the next rest stop but she ended up falling asleep behind the wheel, which is when the van swerved off the side of the road and fell off the cliff. As a result, Angela broke her back and was unconscious. Baby Peter needed emergency neurosurgery to stop bleeding on his brain and Angela has just started walking again with the help of a cane. Both are on the mend and will be okay.

Lexi re-enacted her heroic act and showed the Inside Edition team how she climbed up the hill and flagged the other family down.

“We saw this little girl standing on the side of the road and we were like, we have to stop,” said the family, who was recently reunited with Lexi, Angela, Peter and Lexi’s dad.

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