A Little Girl’s Letter To Santa Is Going Viral After She Begs To Save Her Big Brother’s Life : AWM

A Little Girl’s Letter To Santa Is Going Viral After She Begs To Save Her Big Brother’s Life

One of my happiest memories about Christmas as a child was writing my yearly letter to Santa Claus. Because this letter allows a child to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, it usually includes the coolest toys on the market. Children ask for all sorts of things come Christmas. But one little girl knew exactly what she wanted from Santa Claus, and it did not come from the toy store.

After penning a letter and dropping it into the mailbox for Santa Claus at a local department store, the letter was discovered and shared online. The letter, which was found in the Franklin, North Carolina store, was written in green, blue and purple crayon. In the letter, the young girl asks Santa Claus for a new kidney for her big brother so she can save his life.

The message is signed by “Kaitlyn FL.” And that leads the store employees to believe that the girl was with her family and they were visiting from Florida. But they don’t know who the little girl is, but wish they did so they could help her Christmas wish come true.

Because one in 65,000 children in the United States suffers from kidney failure, this little girl is not the only one wishing for a new kidney for Christmas. But her letter was found and has since been shared online.

The letter read:

“Dear Santa, some may not believe in you. But I do. One thing I really want for Christmas is my big brother to get a kidney transplant. PLEASE.”

Only the girl’s first name is known. No one knows if she lives in Florida or North Carolina. But they wish they could find her so they could help her wish come true.

In an interview with Daily Mail, store manager Shelly Thomas was clearing out the mailbox on Friday, November 23 when she found the letter. Clearing out the mailbox is one of her favorite things to do at the end of every business day. She has to get those letters to Santa Claus as quickly as possible!

“We take the letters out, and sometimes we read them because you never know what the big item will be this year,” she said. “We have these fill-out forms for Santa, but this one was written on the back of one of the coloring sheets. It really touched me.”

Although Thomas usually reads the letters to Santa to discover shopping trends, this one was too heartfelt to ignore.

After getting clearance from Lowe’s corporate marketing office, she shared the letter on Facebook.

“This is a ‘Letter to Santa’ that was left in Santa’s mailbox at Lowe’s of Franklin. Our company is wanting to see if anyone out there may know who this child is. If you would, please share this so we can possibly get in contact with the family.”

Because of the nature of the message, it has reached thousands of people. But there has yet to be a connection to the family. Would you be able to help spread the message in time for Christmas?