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A Local BBQ Restaurant Is In Big Trouble After Selling These Offensive Shirts

A barbecue food truck in Kentucky horrified locals when they unveiled their latest T-shirt. Now the owner of Belle’s Smokin’ BBQ has come under fire for the t-shirt they are selling in support of their small business. The shirt includes the owner’s own take on LGBTQ, which has locals in Williamstown, Kentucky outraged and sharing the t-shirt on social media where more people shared their criticisms.

The food truck owner Jamie Smith displayed what many locals were calling intolerance when he changed the well-known acronym for “lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer” to something that he supported. Instead of the usual words, Jamie Smith switched it on the t-shirt to say, “I support LGBTQ – Liberty, Guns, Bible, Trump, BBQ.”

Jamie Smith has since apologized for the t-shirt that many people found insensitive and crude. Smith had tried to use the t-shirt as a way to advertise his BBQ food truck. Instead, the t-shirt failed him miserably because it offended most people in Williamstown, Kentucky, and thus Smith took the post down in shame.

Although he pulled it off Facebook, Smith still wanted to sell it to his most loyal supporters and told them that they could buy it from him through email.

Meanwhile, critics have become very outspoken over the t-shirt. They find it offensive and insensitive and do not agree that Smith should be selling it. Not only do critics think it is insensitive to people in the LGBTQ community, they believe that Smith had no awareness about how people within the community would feel about the t-shirt with his twist.

“Simple bigotry,” a man named Mike Alderman shared on social media. “Sad commentary for a business. Good luck going broke!”

Because Smith’s design hurt his business, he tore it down from his Facebook page. It was originally posted to the business account to defend his failed t-shirt design, writing the following on April 18, 2019.

“Thank you all for your comments and your polite phone calls. This wasn’t intended to offend. It’s a simple acronym that’s all.”

But the question remained – why was making a BBQ-themed acronym based on the LGBTQ community so important to Smith? What was on his mind? Why did he think it was necessary? For those reasons, people could tell that Smith had LGBTQ on his mind – unless he was trying to offend people or make them feel negative emotions purposely.

One man named Josh Elder wrote, “How was it not intentional exactly? You deliberately took an acronym and twisted what each letter means to try and create a satirical ‘joke’ about what you believe the letters should stand for. So no. (An acronym was) not all it was. It was multiple deliberate decisions to make light or a joke of what the acronym actually stands for… You alienated a lot of people. It not only portrays a negative image of your business but on the entire city of Williamstown.”

Do you agree with the critics or do you defend Jamie Smith’s t-shirt design? What are your thoughts?

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