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A Man Pushed His Dog Out Of The Car To Abandon It At The Lake, But The Dog Had Other Ideas

Some people don’t want to have pets, even after they already have one. Whether they prove unfit to care for them or they just don’t have the empathy to be a full-time pet owner, they decide to shed their responsibility and return pets to shelters. But sometimes, they don’t even give their pet to the shelter; instead, they do what one man did recently near Lake Ming in Bakersfield, California.

Stephen Sage Silver watched it all happen. He was driving behind a black car on an otherwise quiet road when he saw a man and a woman exit the car and begin hitting their black dog in the face. When Silver tried confronting the man about what was happening, the man turned and tried to start a fight with him too. It was clear that this man had an agenda from the very beginning.

Silver stayed in the car and watched as the woman retreated to their vehicle. That’s when Silver got his phone to record what he knew was about to happen. In the video, you can see the man trying to push the dog away from him, but the dog continuing to jump excitedly up his leg, thinking that they are playing a game.

That’s when the man yells out to Silver, “It’s your dog, not mine!”

Silver responds, “Hell no, that’s your dog, man! That’s f**ked up. This guy is dumping his dog right here.”

The video continues showing the man struggling to get into the car because the dog keeps trying to jump in there with him. What might have seemed like a game for the dog shortly turns into a nightmare for him? He tries and tries to get back into their car. But the man keeps pushing the dog away.

The man tries sneaking in through a tiny gap in the driver’s side door and closing it behind him, the dog doesn’t give up. It isn’t until the man picks the dog up and tosses it farther out into the road that the dog is far enough away for the man to close the door and drive off.

As he drives, the dog races by his side, trying to get his owner to open the door. Unfortunately, the car flees, and the dog is left alone once again. Silver pulls up to the dog slowly, and he has left with the only decision he feels like he needs to make: to call for help.

Kern County Animal Services arrived shortly after and take the dog under their care. He is now staying at the shelter while they investigate the incident. Silver turned to Facebook to document the story, and people are responding all over about the horrors that this dog has had to go through.

Let’s just hope that this man gets what he deserves and that this dog finds a home that can take care of it properly. To me, it looks like this dog needs some love.

What would you do if you saw this happening?

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