A Mexican Judge Was Stopped At the Border and Police Couldn’t Believe What They Found : AWM

A Mexican Judge Was Stopped At the Border and Police Couldn’t Believe What They Found

We expect law enforcement agents, regardless of where they come from, to respect the laws of their country and of other countries around the world. We hold them to a standard in hopes that they will uphold the law and hold people accountable when they don’t. It is difficult to understand the actions of a law enforcement official who goes ashtray.

This is what happened at the Mexico/California border on February 10, 2018. A judge, Eduardo Francisco Sais Peinado, was traveling across the border into California and was stopped by border authorities around 6:20 p.m. and he told the officer that he had nothing to declare on his trip. He told authorities that he was traveling to Chula Vista, California, but authorities found something suspicious upon preliminary searches of his vehicle.

At the San Ysidro Port of Entry, in California, the judge was stopped so that drug dogs could circle his car, as they do in protocol every day. The dogs stopped at the doors of the judge’s car which forced the officers to search the vehicle a little more closely. They sent the Jeep Liberty to be X-rayed when they discovered some anomalies within the doors. They could not believe what they found in the doors of the vehicle.

They pulled the door panels from the metal frame of the door and they discovered 38 pounds of cocaine hidden within the doors. There were 11 bags in the front doors and 5 more in the back doors. It was later discovered that the judge had been fired that day for an unrelated work issue and was traveling to California. He is now being held in federal lockup in San Diego, California on a no-bail hold for drug smuggling charges.

This is an incident that is happening on a regular basis along the Mexico-California border all the time. There are smugglers who approach the border every day with cartel drug shipments that they hope won’t be discovered. The drug cartels use mules like this to get their products in the United States where they are making millions of dollars. One of the issues is that for every one that is caught, there are so many more that get through on a daily basis.

The problem with drugs in the United States is a huge problem. There is a lot more to this problem than just these dangerous substances roaming the streets and neighborhoods of our countries. This lead to issues of drug abuse, violent crimes, poverty, and gang violence. All of these problems are directly related to the sale of drugs in this country and we have been fighting this since the 1970’s and it there is no signs of it slowing down.

The cartels are finding new ways to get the drugs in the country and the resulting profits out. There is so much violence that happens along the Mexico-California border as a result of this war as well. It has been an ongoing war that people have been seeking answers for so that the problem can, at least, be slowed down and controlled.