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A Millionaire Saw A Photo She Posted To Facebook And Had To Ask Her One Question

A senior woman decided to get with the times, so she signed up for a Facebook account. It was an easy way for her to keep in touch with her loved ones and follow her favorite celebrities and news platforms. While on social media, she shared a picture that she expected only her close friends and family to see. She thought it might get a few likes.

But when it caught the eye of a multimillionaire, she was thrown for a loop. And now she is fielding calls from the media as her actual history has been revealed.

In the image, which has caused quite a controversy for 83-year-old Ida Wilde, she is shown holding a bouquet of flowers at a wedding. And after her friends and family shared their comments and liked her photo, she got a message from a man she did not know named Asgar Patel.

Patel asked her,” Are you Ida Moreland?”

She was shocked to hear how this stranger had used her maiden name. She had to learn more. And as she found out, Patel was a man she had a strange connection with that had a history of more than six decades.

When he was only six years old, Patel first met Ida. The Partition of India had just occurred back in 1947, so Patel’s father sent Asgar and his siblings to Scotland. His father did not want his children to be involved in the violent chaos that was going through India at the time.

The Patel children boarded with the Wilde family while they were in Scotland. As the timed passed, the children became practically part of the family. They even started considering themselves Ida and the other children’s adopted siblings. They stayed with Ida and her family for five blissful years.

As a teenager, Patel moved back to India. He stayed in touch with the family through letters for several years but then lost touch. For “years,” he has been searching for Ida and her family.

Connecting with Patel through Facebook was a surprising twist, but as Ida began looking through his profile and learning more about the man he had become through all those years, she was stunned to learn he was now one of the wealthiest men in all of India. He is the man who operates the House of Patel, which is a massive network of transportation and logistic businesses across the country.

While Patel was making massive economic moves, Wilde was living a peaceful and quiet life in Irvine, Scotland.

One source sites Patel’s net worth to be as much as $615 million. And now that he has found Ida, he hopes to share some of his good fortunes with her.

Little did Ida know that sharing an image on Facebook would forever change her life. Although she is in her 80s, she is overjoyed to reconnect with Patel after all these years. They have been able to reminisce about their blissful childhood in Scotland. And Ida is so proud of the wealth and success Patel has experienced throughout his life.