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A Mother And Son Won The Lottery. Two Hours Later, They’re Behind Bars

It started out as their lucky day, but things quickly took a turn for the worst. 59-year-old Migdalia Cruz and her beloved son Luis Correa, 39, turned in a winning scratch lottery ticket and received their $20,000 prize money. However, just hours after collecting the jackpot, the pair was arrested on drug charges and expected to be saying behind bars for some time so long as the evidence proves that they were guilty.

The arrest came just two hours after Cruz and Correa turned in the winning ticket. The Sheriff’s Office arrived at their home in Deltona outside of Orlando, Florida only to slap the handcuffs on the pair following a legal search of their home where they found ample evidence of drugs. The officer’s found three bags that contained serious drugs, which resulted in the arrest of Cruz, Correa, and 34-year-old Dana LaFlamme. All three were booked at the Volusia County Branch Jail and await their day in court.

Fortunately, Cruz and Correa had the $20,000 in lottery winnings, which was just about enough to cover the bail.

Tuesday was a topsy-turvy day for the mother-and-son duo. They received the $20,000 cash prize in the afternoon and returned home only to have the Sheriff’s deputies arrived at 4:30 pm with a search warrant. Cruz and Correa were outside when the officers arrived and surrendered without incident.

Correa was in possession of three bags that tested positive for heroin and fentanyl. These opioids are instrumental in the opioid crisis that is plaguing states like Florida.

Correa got arrested for nine counts including possession of heroin, two counts of sale of heroin within 1,000 feet of a school, and other drug charges. Cruz got slammed with a drug share, including the sale of heroin within 1,000 feet of a school, which is a serious offense. LaFlamme got arrested for driving on a suspended license and suspicion of possessing ammunition by a convicted felon.

As authorities conducted their search, they found bags of drugs. They also found more drugs, including ecstasy, Xanax, hydromorphone pills, cocaine residue, Clonazepam and abundant drug paraphernalia, which alluded to serious drug abuse and dependency.

The Sheriff’s office posted to Facebook about the arrest: “The arrests were the culmination of a criminal investigation into activities as 2675 Howland Blvd. in Deltona.”

Correa was released on bail for $36,000 while his mother got out for $5,000. LaFlamme was not offered bail and is still being held because she faces a weapons charge.

The three suspects all share one thing in common – besides their passion for drugs. They all have been arrested before and have a long history of trouble with the law.

Nevertheless, the timing of the arrest sparked comments from people on Daily Mail, including the following:

“There needs to be a reality TV series where druggies and or the stupid are given thousands of dollars then cameras follow them around to see what they buy.”

What do you think about how this son and his mother cashed in their winning lottery ticket only to be arrested hours later?

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