A Mother Posted This Picture Of Her Bathing With Her Pre-Teen Sons, And People Are Outraged : AWM

A Mother Posted This Picture Of Her Bathing With Her Pre-Teen Sons, And People Are Outraged

Parenting is tough. You not only have to make sure your children survive from day to day, but you also want to foster their intelligence and their kindness. In other words, you want to help raise them to become great people who add value to the world. And even if you try your best to make those things happen, you still have to deal with ridicule and criticism from other parents and people out there. Everyone has their own views about the best ways to raise a child and won’t hesitate to tell you that what you’re doing is wrong.

For example, one woman, a grandmother, told her daughter that she was “abusing” her son because she was still breastfeeding him and also co-sleeping with him in bed. The grandmother ordered her daughter to “separate” from her son because it was “abusive to keep him relying” on her for his basic needs as he grew older. How old was the little boy in question? Four years old? Three? No. The child was just 11-months old.

The incident central to this story focuses on a mother of older children. And the story is guaranteed to raise some eyebrows from readers.

One mother has come under attack because she still bathes with her young boys. Her name is Lauren Libbert. And she still gets in the bath with her boys who are ten and eleven years old.

She has not only shared photos of their joint bath time on social media. She has defended it as a family tradition. And she has turned the criticism back on her critics by claiming Americans need to be “more open with our children” and that sharing baths and beds is “nothing to be ashamed of.”

But many people disagree.

“If they’re happy with it, we’ll have a bath together maybe once a week. It’s something we all enjoy,” she told This Morning.

Lauren remembers that she spend bath time with her mother. Critics quickly pointed out how they were the same gender, unlike the two sons in her situation.

“It’s something that we do in the house that’s very normal. I think it’s really natural. What can be more natural than being naked in the privacy of your own home,” she continued.

Not only are they sharing a bath, but she also admits they’re all squished up together in the tiny bathroom.

“I have a tiny bathroom, but we’ll all scooch together and have a bath together, and my boys are very comfortable with them being naked and me being naked,” she said.

Many viewers of the show said that her actions were appalling. Other considered the debate to be “over-sexualized.”

“It is natural, she is doing no harm, and her boys are comfortable with it,” wrote one Twitter user.

But Ben Edwards, a life coach, believes parents should never be naked around children.

“Being naked so openly, it’s more about the confusion that could lead on from that.”

Lauren plans to bathe with her boys for as long as possible.

“If they start to have issues with being naked, I will take their lead. We’re all comfortable about this,” she said. “I grew up in this environment, and I was doing this past puberty, but I think it’s made me more comfortable in my own skin and isn’t that an amazing gift to be able to give to your children if one can be?”