Every day nurse Sam Halms leaves her home on the important mission to save lives. During the COVID-19 pandemic, her work as a nurse has become even more essentials. However, the health care worker received a nasty note from her “idiot” neighbor who decided to criticize her for driving her car every day to run “unessential” journeys simply because Sam Halms left her home in normal clothes and not her nurse scrubs.

Halms works as a nurse for the British National Health Service. During the pandemic, the work she is doing is saving lives and helping stop the spread of the virus responsible for so many deaths across the world. She works at the Norfolk and Suffolk Mental Health Foundation Trust, which was why she was shocked to find that the neighbor wrote the hateful note to criticize her for driving to work to do her job as a nurse.

The neighbor hand-wrote the message and left it on Halms’s car to make sure she knew that the neighbor thought she was being a bad person for driving during the pandemic.

The note called Halms’s commute to work “clearly unessential” because she was wearing normal clothes and not her medical scrubs or a uniform.

The note said: “To the selfish person, I have been watching you travel every day in your car. You are not in uniform, so this is clearly unessential travel! You are part of the problem! Stay at home and protect our country + NHS. You have been reported!”

Not only does Halms work for the NHS as a nurse, but she is also doing her part to protect the people in the United Kingdom.

Sam Halms shared a picture of the hateful note and wrote about it on Facebook.

“I don’t usually post much personal stuff on social media, but I’m hoping that sharing this on here will reach the idiot that left me this note on my car. Most importantly… I work for the NHS.”

She added, “I go to work every day supporting our country and have done for many years, while you are clearly spending your days watching me, probably claiming that you’re employed as a ‘full-time mommy.’ Why didn’t you just approach me and ask me what I was doing, maybe then you would understand why I am getting up every day to work for the NHS!?”

Sam Halms said, “Why on earth would I wear my uniform to and from work at this current time? Equally, not all NHS staff have to wear a uniform – food for thought. If this has reached you, hopefully now you feel like a complete fool and that you should think twice before sticking your nose into other people’s business.”

Hopefully, the nosy neighbor learned their lesson and won’t pry into people’s business or make assumptions about what other people are doing. Assumptions lead to unhappiness and disappointment. If this person had simply spoken to Sam Halms about the car rides, they could have learned that she was doing her part to serve her country and save lives.

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