A New Piece Of Evidence Was Just Released That Might Clear Michael Jackson’s Name Forever : AWM

A New Piece Of Evidence Was Just Released That Might Clear Michael Jackson’s Name Forever

As the public begins to swallow the pill and accept that the evidence against Michael Jackson seems legitimate, his family continues to fight back as hard as possible. One of the prime accusers in the Leaving Neverland documentary is Wade Robeson. Now Taj Jackson, the late singer’s nephew, has slammed the documentary makers as “twisting facts to suit their story” and to defame Michael Jackson despite evidence that he could never have harmed Robeson.

According to Taj Jackson, Wade Robeson dated Jackson’s niece Brandi Jackson for ten years after the late singer had set the pair of them up as a couple.

In the documentary, Robeson claims that the sexual abuse started when he was just seven-years-old. During the course of the years of systematic child molestation, Robeson claimed that Jackson taught him to “hate women.”

However, Taj has been one of the most vocal defenders of Michael Jackson saying that it was impossible for Robeson to have been molested as described because the King of Pop hooked Michael up with Brandi, which “throws the whole narrative of the film off.”

Taj said, “He dated my cousin for over seven years, and it’s really interesting because they left that out of the story. And he dated her during the time period that he’s getting supposedly molested by my uncle, Michael. I think it’s ridiculous especially since my uncle Michael was the one who basically brought them together. And so it throws off the whole narrative of Michael Jackson only wanting him (Robeson) for himself or teaching him to hate women.”

Because Taj is looking for ways to continue to defend his uncle and the family legacy, this latest one seems to be grasping at straws.

“It’s something they’ve conveniently left out of the documentary because it coincides with Wade saying (the abuse happened) from the age of seven to 14. But he was dating Brandi from nine to 18.”

The nephew of Michael Jackson added, “They met at the LA Gear thing, and they were also in the ‘Black and White’ video. So after Wade had said he liked her, Brandi and my cousin Siggy came up with Wade and his sister, Chantal, to spend the week at Neverland. It was then that Wade asked Brandi to be his girlfriend. That’s what’s so sick about this. Wade has a story that doesn’t even coincide with reality.”

In February, Brandi, now 37, confirmed that she dated Robeson as Taj described.

She tweeted, “Wade and I were together for over 7 years, but I bet that isn’t in his “documentary” because it would ruin his timeline.  And did I mention, it was my uncle, #MichaelJackson, who set us up? Wade is not a victim, #WadeRobsonIsaLiar.”

Leaving Neverland has had a massive impact on the legacy of Michael Jackson and his entire family. They are all defending him tooth-and-nail, while the public starts to question whether the late singer was who he said he was.

Do you believe the Jacksons or the alleged victims who have come forward?

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