One home chef had promoted the way they keep their cucumbers fresh when waiting to use them for recipes. However, this tip, which was originally shared on the Chinese-created TikTok app, has been highly controversial among foodies. Although the Chinese social media platform has been flooded with how-to videos for home chefs in the kitchen, this video has been met with mixed reactions from people online – largely because people do not agree that it would keep their vegetables fresh for longer.

The female home chef thought she had discovered the latest viral trend in kitchen habits when she shared the video to the Chinese-created platform. However, she soon found her video inundated with comments from disgruntled viewers who were not certain that the tip would do them justice in the kitchen.

“Did you know this kitchen hack, by the way?” the TikTok user wrote as a caption for the now-viral video. In the clip, she shows how she slices cucumber and then saves it for another day by putting the end of the cucumber “back” onto the rest of the vegetable.

The home chef finishes off the tip by sticking a toothpick into the cucumber top to keep it attached to the rest of the vegetable. She accompanied her viral post with a series of hashtags identifying the post as a kitchen hack. The person then crossed her fingers and hoped her content would go viral, which it did hundreds of thousands of times over.

She concluded the video with a request from people to share her video with others, which seemed to be advice taken by thousands of people since the video did go viral.

Dozens of people also shared comments about the video, contributing them along with many other thoughts to the comment section of the TikTok video. The following are some of the thoughts shared by viewers who were moved to make a statement about this trick to preserve cucumbers longer than previously.

One person asked, “Why would I need this?” to which the original video creator posted, “To keep it fresh.”

Another person suggested, “Try standing up on a plate and refrigerating it.” The original poster added, “Oh great,” indicating that this suggestion might also be useful to keep cucumbers fresh.

“You still have to cut the end off,” one person wrote. “Plastic wrap and a rubber band. Or just eat the whole thing.”

The original video creator replied to that comment, writing: “Oh yes. Sometimes you can’t eat the whole thing.”

Others simply did not believe this video needed to be created and posted to the popular Chinese platform that is taking over the internet.

“There is literally no need for this,” one person complained.

However, there were people who expressed their love for this kitchen hack.

“Love this! I put cucumber in my water!” the person wrote, indicating that they would be jumping on this TikTok trend.

Others were not so happy about the tip, suggesting there was no need for it. However, there are others who disagree and believe that this tip could help more people keep their cucumbers fresh while cooking in the kitchen.

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