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A Note That Meghan Markle Wrote Her Friend Is Coming Under Close Scrutiny

As time goes on, the world continues to fall deeper and deeper in love with Duchess Meghan Markle. While people might have been skeptical in the beginning that the American actor would make a perfect match for Prince Harry, it had become abundantly clear that the young redheaded Prince knew exactly what he was doing when he selected Markle as his bride, despite the fact that she was an American.

Since the days of their courtship, the world has learned a lot about Meghan Markle. And now that she shares a child with Prince Harry, and has another little one on the way, reportedly, the world continues to fall head over heels in love with Markle, similarly to how they did with Princess Diana all those years ago.

Although America already knew that the Duchess of Sussex had talent – she was a high-paid actor before she became British Royalty – the world did not know or realize the extent of Markle’s abilities.

But now a new talent has been revealed. And it has to do with the way Markle moves a pen across paper. Her handwriting is so perfect and exquisite. It could be held up as an example of how everyone should write.

The news about Markle’s handwriting became clear after author Matt Haig shared an image of a note he received from the Duchess of Sussex. Since he has publicized her writing, the internet is going berserk over how perfectly she puts pen to paper.

Markle served as the guest editor of the British Vogue magazine for the September issue. The magazine announced the honor on Instagram via the following comment:

“We are proud to announce that Her Royal Highness, The Duchess of Sussex is the Guest Editor for the September issue of British Vogue. For the past seven months, The Duchess has curated the content with British Vogue’s Editor-in-Chief Edward Enninful to create an issue that highlights the power of the collective. They have named the issue: ‘Forces of Change.’”

The magazine went on to describe Markle’s contribution in more detail.

“For the cover, The Duchess chose a diverse selection of women from all walks of life, each driving impact and raising the bar for equality, kindness, justice, and open-mindedness. The sixteenth space on the cover, a mirror, was included so that when you hold the issue in your hands, you see yourself as part of this collective.”

Matt Haig shared the image of Markle’s perfect penmanship on his Twitter account. It quickly went viral because she has the text-book high-quality writing style you’d expect from Royalty.

“HRH Duchess Meghan called me a ‘force for change’ so now I can die happy,” Haig wrote.

Markle contributed her reaction to the guest-editing job.

“Guest Editing the September issue of British Vogue has been rewarding, educational, and inspiring. To deep dive into this process, working quietly behind the scenes for so many months, I am happy to now be able to hare what we have created.”

What do you think about The Duchess’s handwriting and her efforts in Guest Editing the British Vogue magazine?

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