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A Nurse Was Fired From Her Job For Offering The Bible To A Dying Patient

A nurse originally from Sierra Leone named Sarah Kuteh, 50, has lost her job after being a nurse for the National Health Service for fifteen years. The reason that she was fired because she handed a Bible to a dying cancer patient and told the man to sing to the Lord. Because she had amassed several complaints, she was fired from her job at Darent Valley Hospital in Kent, UK.

Because the nurse gave a Bible to the cancer patient and urged him to sing The Lord is My Shepherd, she was fired from her job as a nurse. After a lengthy legal battle, the court found that she had been fairly dismissed.

The incident occurred in 2016 when Kuteh was fired from her job. She used her opportunity as a nurse to repeatedly urge them to change their beliefs and follow her Christian values. She would handle out copies of the Bible to dying patients, which was in breach of the Nursing and Midwifery Council (NMC).

The Court of Appeals published the decision which spoke about the incident that occurred on June 3, 2016. The patient who was dying from cancer was being pushed to accept the Bible from the nurse and complained about her conduct.

The patient told the court about how the incident was like a “Monty Python skit.” He described how the nurse’s behavior was “very bizarre” because she urged him to sing Psalm 23 along with her.

The decision stated, “On 20 June 2016, the Complaints Department noted a call from a patient being treated for cancer concerning his assessment by the Claimant on 3 June 2016. He had replied, ‘open-minded’ to the question on the form concerning religion and alleged the Claimant had told him that the only way he could get to the Lord was through Jesus. (She) told him she would give him her Bible if he did not have one, gripped his hand tightly and said a prayer that was very intense and went ‘on and on’ and asked him to sing Psalm 23 after which he was so astounded that he had sung the first verse with her.”

No one wants to have religion, and dogmatic beliefs shoved at them, especially while they’re fighting cancer. When people are ready or willing, they will seek out such help.

The complaint continued.

“He described the encounter as ‘very bizarre’ and ‘like a Monty Python skit.'”

Although this was the most dramatic incident involving a patient that was on record – who knows how many patients she might have tried to force to follow her religion but died before they were able to lodge such complaints against her – another issue came after Kuteh told a patient with bowel cancer “that if he prayed to God he would have a better chance of survival.”

That’s a tough thing to hear from a medical professional who is supposed to be treating the condition, not offering spiritual advice like a priest or pastor.

What do you think about this nurse’s conduct? Should she have lost her job as a nurse?

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