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A Pack Of Kittens Followed A Woman For Miles. Then She Realized What She Needed To Do

The first thing people learn about Bree Taylor when they meet her is usually one of two things – that she’s a great person and that she’s a lover of animals. But few stories prove her love for animals as well as this one. She not only loves to ride horses, but she also goes out of her way to rescue animals whenever they cross her path – as this story goes on to prove when you hear what she did while walking her dog Koda outside of her town in southeast Queensland, Australia.

The dog and its owner were taking a lovely walk along Branch Creek Road in Dalby when something quite unexpected occurred. Although Bree is familiar with animals, she was not expecting to see what came out of the grass on that sunny day. It was a pack of kittens, and they seemed to be in distress and lost.

Bree’s heart swooned when she saw the tiny faces of the adorable animals. She felt pure love for them. But she was shocked. How did a troop of kittens get to be out in the middle of nowhere like this? Who had abandoned them to their deaths? Where was their mother? Was she all right? Then she started to worry if there were a pack of feral kittens infested with rabies who were intent on attacking.

Questions like that swirled in Bree’s mind. And she told Courier Mail: “Honestly I thought they were little ferals coming out to attack my puppy and sort of stood back ’cause I thought mumma cat was going to come out.”

Because the mother never appeared, Bree and her dog put their guard down. They saw the situation more clearly. This was not a pack of feral kittens. It was a group of needy little babies who wanted Bree to take care of them since they had no one in the world.

“They came right up, so I sat on the ground, and they were purring and really hungry.”

The kittens showed love from the beginning.

“I just couldn’t believe there were ten and I was just more surprised that all they wanted was a cuddle. They were very hungry. I knew they weren’t feral because they weren’t hissing; they were meowing and jumping on me. They definitely knew what a human was.”

She didn’t even think about abandoning them. Her only thought was how she could help these kittens. She set out to save them before some dangerous Australian animal killed them while they were lost in the wild.

“I was more nervous they were going to get run over by a truck and the fact I couldn’t carry them all.”

Then like the pied piper, she led the kittens back home. But after a mile and a half, the run could not keep up.

“Because it was so much smaller and it was freezing, and it was at least a kilometer back home. It laid down and didn’t want to walk anymore.”

Bree took the cats home but is furious that someone left them to die in the wild.

“If you can’t afford to desex your cat, or look after and find homes for kittens don’t own a cat. Don’t dump them on the road after they are already reliant on humans — it’s cruelty.”

Most people agree.

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