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A Phone Call Interrupts Ellen’s Show. Then An Audience Member Realizes It’s About Her Sick Daughter

people who are on the receiving end of her good deeds never know what to expect. Usually, they’re just happy to be on the program and don’t know that Ellen has one, two, and sometimes three surprises in store for them. Ellen loves to honor people who do a fantastic job of making other people’s lives better. Or if they’re merely good people in need, Ellen uses the power of her television program to influence their lives for the better.

Whether it is providing a grant or giving a tremendous gift, Ellen makes a positive impact on the world with her generosity every time her show goes on air. It’s one of the reasons she has had such success throughout her career. Who doesn’t love the way Ellen keeps giving and giving to those who deserve it?

But during one show, a call comes in that interrupts the flow of the program. Ellen is surprised herself – or at least she acts that way.

The person on the other side of the phone is Ellen’s receptionist. They tell the television host that they have an “urgent” message for someone in her studio audience.

The camera then pans to the audience. It focuses on an unsuspecting woman. But when she realizes that Ellen is talking about her, the woman breaks down in tears. It takes a moment, but she is strong and soon regains her composure. And she has to because Ellen needs her to come onto the stage for a significant reason.

The young woman, whose name is Kim, then tells Ellen about her and her mother’s difficult situation. Kim and mom Becky love Ellen and her show. But they have faced hard times together. They were both diagnosed with cancer and forced to go through the battle against the disease at the same time. And during their moment of hardship, they sent a plea to Ellen. And she heard them loud and clear.

Watch as Ellen is taken by surprise with the phone call. The receptionist tells Ellen that she was going through email and found Kim and Becky’s. She then reads it out loud, and Ellen knows she has to act.

As Ellen hears the tale of Kim’s battle with breast cancer, she begins to smile because she knows that she has a great surprise in store for Kim and her mom.

At the 1:25-mark, Kim, and Becky come on stage to meet Ellen and discuss their battle with cancer.

On the show, Kim announces that she does not have cancer at this time. The lump was benign.

But their cancer story is heartbreaking. Becky was diagnosed with ovarian cancer in March 2014, and five months later, Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer. The news was tragic for the family. But now they’re healthy and happy to receive Ellen’s blessings on the show.

What do you think about the way Ellen honored their struggle on her show? And what do you think about the gifts Ellen gave to this mother-daughter duo?